Premium Shop: Gold Beyond Measure


Gold beyond measure is man's greatest treasure - that's how the saying goes, right? You'll find plenty of it in this week's premium shop update in a special bundle which sees the return of a Soviet powerhouse, the BT-SV, as a free bonus!

Other highlights this week may see you hitting the Jackpot with gold and credits, earning currency and premium days aplenty in They See Me Rollin', and getting a quick injection of gold, credits, and premium days with a Re-Supply!

The following offers are available from 28 July at 07:00 to 04 August at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).

  • 30,500 Gold + FREE BT-SV!
  • Jackpot!
  • They See Me Rollin'
  • Re-Supply
30,500 Gold + FREE BT-SV!


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  • 15,500
  • 10,000,000


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They See Me Rollin'
  • 3,500
  • 3,500,000
  • 30 days of Premium Account
  • Bonus: 30 Large Repair Kits


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  • 1,250
  • 1,000,000
  • 14 days of Premium Account


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