Get more with the Updated Wargaming Game Center

We keep working on the Wargaming Game Center to ensure your experience with our games is smooth and engaging.

The latest enhancement is the single login feature. Right after you log into the Game Center, you’re automatically signed into all of our products that support the ID. Just click “Play” and battle!

For those who have their Wargaming games registered on different accounts, the team is working on a multi-login option that will allow storing multiple accounts in the Game Center. We’re planning to include multi-login in one of the next updates, so stay tuned!


Why Choose The Game Center?

  • Always Ready to Run
  • Total Control
  • On Top of the News
  • Hottest Offers at Hand
  • All-in-one Access
  • Choose your server

Want to hit the battlefield right now, but are stuck waiting for the client to update to the latest version? With the Game Center, you can initiate hassle-free automatic updates for installed games, which will always keep them up to date. You can also manually set the download speed and distribution of updates to lower the load on your Internet connection.

With the Game Center, getting a game back up and running after an unexpected crash is easy. It checks the game client and restores it, if there has been damage. Have a particular graphics setup in mind? Want to play without mods? With Game Center, it's as easy as plug and play. Flag your preferences in the app—and there you have it. It’ll also help you collect all necessary technical data and file a ticket to the Customer Service Center.

You won't miss out on important happenings from around the Wargaming universe. Game Center delivers them to you. You can read up on the latest news, check fresh video guides, and more in the launcher before you play. Official websites, forums, wiki and the Customer Service Center are always at hand, too. There’s no need to keep countless tabs open in your browser.

If you’re willing to grab the latest sale, browse through all packages currently in store and choose the one to your liking.

We know you want convenience, flexibility, and choice—so the Game Center takes you to all of your favourite Wargaming games in no time. Plus, if you’re testing a new product, like Total War: ARENA, you’ll find it here too. If you enjoy playing on several servers, Game Center helps you get the best of both worlds. It lets you install several game versions so you can switch regions.

When you log into World of Tanks via Wargaming Game Center, the game client connects you to a server with optimal ping and capacity. You can remain in charge of this procedure by entering Settings and activating the server choice option: