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Premium Vehicle Improvements


We can probably all agree that having Premium tanks as a part of your collection can really help you to sail smoothly and quickly from the bottom to the top of the tech tree. Not only do they make you stand out from the crowd on the battlefield, but they also bring you a plethora of advantages that no other vehicles can provide. Maybe you have already forgotten all the good stuff? Well, check it out:

  • Premium tanks are already top of the line and do not need to be researched. Think about them as exclusive models of vintage cars.
  • Whenever you roll out with them onto the battlefield, they will generally earn you more credits than your standard vehicle of the same tier.    Note: The Tier X vehicles, the VK 72.01(K) and M60 don't have this increased credits rate.
  • Their elite status allows you to convert any earned experience from the battle straight to free experience, which you can then use to speed up your progress on any line in the tech tree.
  • These special machines also give you the ability to use crew from the same vehicle class and nation without any penalty. They are basically the ultimate training platforms for your elite tankers!
  • And while we’re at it, you can accelerate crew training from the very first battle.

Premium vehicles are already an invaluable addition to your tank collection, no matter their tier. This being the case, we thought we would bump their value to the next level by adding to the extensive list of advantages that you get from having one or two (or more) Premium tanks in your garage.


Your Premium tanks will now bring you the following additional extra advantages:

  • 50% bonus to crew experience. If the possibility of training your whole regiment of crewmen on one tank was not enough for you, you can now progress much faster.
  • Increased coefficient of battle experience depending on tier. In short – the lower the tier of the vehicle, the higher battle experience you get!

Yes, we thought you would like it. You are quite welcome! Also, as a picture speaks a thousand words, we have even visualized the amount of crew experience you are going to get on your Premium vehicles from now on. This will then allow your crew to obtain the desired skills and perks much faster. How much faster, you ask? Check the infographic below!

The battle experience bonus is calculated based on the net experience. Net experience is the experience of the tank excluding bonuses from premium account, the first victory of the day and additional bonus from battle missions.

For this example, we used three of the most popular skills and perks among the players. In order to level up the Sixth Sense perk to its fullest potential (100%), the crew needs to gain 210 040 points of experience, for the Repairs skill, 630 120 points and for the third skill, Camouflage, the crew needs to obtain 1 470 280 points of experience. As you can see from the graphs below you will level your crew up over fewer number of battles. As indicated, the lower the level, the faster it goes!



For our calculations, we took into account the following:

  • The average amount of Crew XP received on premium vehicles in each Tier.
  • Primary skill was already completely researched
  •  Accelerated Crew Training is switched off
  • The respective crew member was not injured when battles were finished
  • The skills are being researched without the commander’s “Mentor” skill.

Please bear in mind that:

  • The Battle experience bonus does not affect the average experience of the tank e.g. for the Hall of Fame.
  • In the battle results window, the battle experience bonus will be displayed in a separate row, as if it were a mission.

 Below is a table that shows the exact changes on each of the vehicle tiers:


 II  1.7 1.5 
 III  1.6 1.5
 IV  1.5 1.5
 In  1.4 1.5
 VI  1.3 1.5
 VII  1.2 1.5
 VIII  1.1 1.5
 X  1.05 1.5

 These changes will be introduced with micro patch 9.2.3 on 12 September.


Roll out, tankers!