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Introducing Italeri World of Tanks Model Kits


We all have those battles that we will remember forever, those games where our steel stallions seem to dominate all in their path. Why not commemorate your favourite fighting machine by building a model in its honour? Thanks to our collaboration with Italeri, this is now easier than ever through the Italeri World of Tanks Model Kit range!

The kits now available are the trusty M4 Sherman, the intimidating Tiger I, the Ferdinand tank destroyer and the speedy M24 Chaffee. Keep checking for more news about the Wargaming and Italeri range in the near future!

Each set features a 1:35 scale model kit, World of Tanks decals with emblems & inscriptions taken from the game, a mini tank guide on how the tank plays in-game and, to put an even bigger smile on your face, a World of Tanks PC bonus code often featuring a rare premium tank plus three invite codes for your friends.

Tiger I

 Bonus code for a Pz. Kpfw B2 740 (f) 


 Bonus code for a 105leFH18B2

M24 Chaffee

 Bonus code for a T1E6 

M4 Sherman

Bonus code for a Tetrarch


At the moment, the range is only available from the official Italeri online store although they will be in retail stores across Europe in late September/early October.


For a taste of what these fantastic kits are like to make and own, take a look at the video below.




Roll Out!