Halloween 2020: Continue Exploring Mirny-13

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Many brave soldiers have already risked the journey into the abandoned town of Mirny-13. They have collected Mirium, filled the Magnus container, and destroyed waves of the most unusual foes. However, the danger is not yet over, and we need everyone's support to get the situation under control. There is still time to gather your Platoon and roll out in one of the 5 special tanks to reap plenty of rewards.

Event Summary

  • This Co-op PvE Halloween mode lasts two weeks, from October 26 through November 9.
  • Access the mode via the Halloween-themed banner in the lower-right corner of your Garage.

  • Fight as a Platoon of up to five players in the recently abandoned town of Mirny-13.
  • Choose from three difficulty levels—the higher the difficulty, the higher the stakes.
  • Jump into five specially adapted vehicles:
    • Three are available instantly.
    • Two require mission completion or gold to unlock them.
  • Outwit and destroy up to seven types of AI bots, each with their own unique behaviors, roles, and attacks. One foe is indestructible.
  • Your task is to escape Mirny-13 alive while also destroying armored enemies to obtain a strange substance known as Mirium.
    • Deliver Mirium to a special Collector called the Magnus, shown on your minimap, before time runs out.
    • Once the Magnus is filled with Mirium, you will be able to teleport to a new dimension, or Phase, where Mirium is in abundance, but so are the enemies!

    • Power up your vehicle! You’ll only survive by picking up Anomalies from defeated enemies.
    • Use a mix of team and personal consumables to increase your chances of survival.
    • There is a post-battle cooldown for commanders leaving Mirny-13. Either wait or purchase Stimulants using credits in order to enter Mirny-13 again. You can also get Stimulants from daily missions played in Random Battles.
    • Earn Commander XP proportional to the amount of Mirium collected. Use it to upgrade the commander. Each commander level reached will reward you with event currency–Coins.
    • Complete three types of Battle Missions to earn Coins, credits, and much more.
    • Exchange Coins for a load of spooky rewards in the Event Store.
    • Nine unique 3D styles are available to unlock or purchase during the event.
      • Four (including three horror-themed styles by Masahiro Ito) will be available for gold.
      • Five can be purchased using Coins earned in the mode.


Mirny-13 is an extremely dangerous place, so gather your friends and try to stick together on the map. It will be a hopeless battle for lone wolves, but as a Platoon, you can effectively fight enemies and get to the Magnus in a timely manner. The Mirium from defeated enemies will drop for all players who damaged them, so you don't have to compete for it. Make active use of the reworked in-game battle communication system. It will definitely help you survive and succeed.


Rewards in the Mirny-13 Store

The main rewards can be purchased in the special Mirny-13 store with Coins earned during the event. Keep in mind that the Coins will disappear and not be compensated for once the event ends on November 9, 2020, 06:30 CET (UTC+1). So, make sure to claim your reward before it is too late.

Consumables: Remaining consumables purchased by players and added to the event tanks will be returned as credits.

XP: All of the XP collected with the event tanks will be transferred to the I MS-1


  • 5 exclusive 3D styles for the five tanks that served as the basis for the modified vehicles in this mode
  • M103
  • AMX 13 90
  • Centurion Mk. 7/1
  • T-54
  • T49





  • 5 unique custom crew members with 3 perks. They complement the 3D styles and accompany them as a set.



U.S.A. 1


U.S.A. 2




  • Personal Reserves, Crew Books, and other valuable in-game items

Additional Rewards

In addition to the rewards for coins from the Mirny-13 store, you can also earn the following prizes by completing special battle missions.

  • 1 stunning Dark Knight all-season 2D custom look for Random Battles
  • Exclusive medals and badges
Scout of Mirny-13 Veteran of Mirny-13 Hero of Mirny-13 Legend of Mirny-13
The Walk Through the Darkest Valley We Will Not Fear

Don’t forget the three additional mind-blowing 3D styles for German tanks (Panther II, E 50, and E 50 Ausf. M), created with the participation of the legendary Masahiro Ito, and the fantastic "Blitzlicht" 3D style for the Leopard 1. All of them are available for gold directly via the Halloween Garage.

  • Panther II
  • E 50
  • 50 Ausf. M
  • Leopard 1

Time is running out, Commanders! Gather your team, face the mighty Immortal, and earn your rewards! Everyone who is lost in the depths of Mirny-13 is counting on you.

Check out our full event guide for further details about the event!

Mirny-13: Full Guide

Roll Out and Face Your Fear!