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Wargaming At Firstlook Battlecon in Rotterdam

Firstlook Battlecon is a new event dedicated to multiplayer games and small tournaments.  Held at Rotterdam Ahoy, Wargaming will be there with the MGT-20 gaming truck.

We’ll be presenting World of Tanks PC, World of Tanks Console and World of Warships at our truck. Players will be able to participate in 7v7 matches or free play sessions where they can test drive the various different vehicles you can find in our game.

As well as an opportunity to play our games, you can also meet with members of our community team:

  • Ectar (English Community Manager)
  • CurlyJohnny (Spanish Community Coordinator)
  • Tricha_ (Polish Community Coordinator) 

But that’s not all! On Sunday, Community Contributor “Circonflexes” will be joining us. A perfect opportunity for any fans to say hello and get a picture!