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1 Million Follower Highway

A very important moment is approaching for all of us. 2013 started off with 413,000 Likes on the World of Tanks Facebook page. Today our page is being followed by a staggering 939,677 fans! This is huge and, as you can see, it’s very close to crossing the 1,000,000 mark!

Here at Wargaming we celebrate big achievements and accomplishments, especially the ones that our community has achieved. Fans who follow World of Tanks on enjoy constant interaction with our Community Teams, as well as YouTubers and streamers from the community. Everyone has a quick and easy way to get in touch with like-minded fans, discuss each day’s big news, participate in contests and share some fun things that bring a smile to your face.


We want to thank you all and challenge everyone that isn’t a follower to join us and break the 1,000,000 mark by 1st May!

 Like us now!


How will we celebrate the 1,000,000?

Thursday 1st May is Labour Day in many European countries, and what better day than that to set for our challenge? If we cross the 1,000,000 Likes mark on Facebook before 1st May, then on that day at 06:00 CEST we will activate a special of Double Experience for every victory on the World of Tanks server for everyone! This bonus experience will continue for a whole 24 hours and apply to all victories after the first win of the day.




Break 1,000,000 Facebook Likes

x2 XP for Every Victory


Let’s make this happen so that everyone can enjoy Labour Day in style!