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End of Year Contest: Commander’s Story


We have an interesting proposition to pose to you and the rewards are definitely worth it! In relation to the recently released Commander’s Guide, we are asking you to use your artistic skills to create a comic which can be informative, like the guide, or you could even add a comedic spin. Oh and don’t forget the top 25 submissions will each receive a copy of the Commander’s Guide, along with a heap of other prizes!

This contest will be open from 2 December at 00:00 until 31 December 2015 at 23:59 CET (UTC+1).

Contest Objective:

Use your artistic skills to create a World of Tanks inspired “Commander’s Story” comic.

It can be funny, or instructive, or both! You can draw a story that actually happened to you, or something completely made up.

How to enter the contest:

  • Submit your image or a direct link to it in the dedicated forum thread before the end of this year, 31 December 2015 at 23:59 CET (UTC+1).

Rules and Conditions:

  • The theme of the contest is to create a World of Tanks-inspired comic, showing an actual or fictitious “Commander’s Story”.
  • Submissions must show a story or event that involves a tank commander – it can be you, another player, your in-game tank’s commander etc.
  • Please keep in mind, we will translate all submissions to English before the Wargaming Community Team casts their votes. If you use dialogues in your comic, they must be in any of the seven supported languages (English, German, Polish, Czech, French, Spanish and Turkish). However, English language is preferred, as some subtleties may be lost in translation.
  • You must use one of the provided template files. Your final creation must be exactly the same size (pixel width and height) as one of the available templates.
  • One entry per player is allowed.
  • By taking part in the contest, you accept that your creation/content may be published and used by
  • By taking part in the contest, you agree to not submit any content protected by copyright or already published before.
  • All submissions must be appropriate for an audience of all ages – this means it must not include obscene, offensive or racist imagery, or content that would transgress our rules and policies.
  • By taking part in the contest, you identify yourself as the author of the creation/content you are submitting.
  • Eligibility to receive the physical prizes for this contest will depend on the availability of the item and shipping restrictions of the product in your country. If possible, an equal or similar prize may be sent.
  • Winners of a physical prize agree to cover any import tax fees that may exist in their country at the moment of receiving or picking up their shipment.



For places 1 to 25, each winner will receive a copy of the “Commander’s Guide” book. The top three submissions will even have their copies signed by Victor Kislyi, Wargaming CEO, with a personal dedication!

Additionally, for authors of the top 100 comics, we have the following prizes:



In-game Prize


GTX 970 graphics card

Type 59 + slot + 180 days of Premium Account




DXRacer gaming chair

Type 59 + slot + 180 days of Premium Account




Razer Kraken headset

Type 59 + slot + 180 days of Premium Account




Musterbrand World of Tanks collection vouchers
(€100 value)

FV201 (A45) + slot + 90 days of Premium Account




Logitech G502 gaming mouse

FV201 (A45) + slot + 90 days of Premium Account




Razer Goliathus mousepad

Type 62 + slot + 30 days of Premium Account




JinX World of Tanks Messenger Bag

1000 + 14 days of Premium Account





500 + 7 days of Premium Account


Good luck and we look forward to seeing your entries, commanders!