Creating a Clan Has Never Been So Easy


We continue to work on the clan functionality and another round of improvements arrives on 10 October!

Creating a Clan Is Simple

Now any player can create a clan without spending money. Previously, to create a clan, a player would need to spend 2,500; starting on 10 October it can be done for 1,000,000.

Styles for Clan Players

All players who belong to a clan will receive a new style. The style is season-dependent (summer, winter, and desert) and can be applied to vehicles of any nation and tier. Important: after leaving a clan, the style will be deducted; once you join another clan, the style becomes available again.

Searching for Clan

Searching for a clan in the game client will be simpler. Instead of the Stronghold tab, the Clans tab will be displayed to players who do not belong to a clan. In the tab, players can view the list of clans that can be joined without application approval.

This is not the final list of changes, so stay tuned for more news!


Roll out!