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Get 15% off all Italeri World of Tanks Model Kits!

It’s the holiday season and Italeri have come up with a real treat.

Get 15% off the whole range of Italeri World of Tanks model kits when you order between 15 December and 22 December. Take the initiative and place your order via the Italeri online store. 

Better still, each tank model comes with a bonus code for a rare tank (excluding the Acrylic Paint set and Himmelsdorf Diorama):

Model Kit

Bonus Code

T1E6, Tier II American Premium Light Tank


 105 leFH18B2, Tier V French Premium SPG


Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f), Tier IV German Premium Heavy Tank

Tetrarch, Tier II Soviet Premium Light Tank

 Also Available in the Discount

Himmelsdorf Diorama Set

+ Exclusive Himmelsdorf Poster

Acrylic Paints Set for Brush and Airbrush


Remember – you must place your order between 15 and 22 December to benefit from the 15% discount and only orders placed via the official Italeri online shop will be eligible for this discount!

Check out this fantastic Italeri World of Tanks Trailer:

Roll out, Commanders!