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gamescom Special


As you all know, gamescom is a huge deal for any company in the gaming industry. We take this event very seriously and so we have made thorough preparations to ensure that this week will be extraordinary. This means not only welcoming our great community in Cologne in style, but also taking care of all the players who can’t make the trip and meet us in person. We have already announced the great many missions which will be available in game for each day of gamescom – now we would also like to give you a heads up about the special to go together with the missions! Brace yourselves for the following:


 x5 Experience for the First Victory of the Day

The surge of experience will be extraordinary! Use this opportunity to give your progress a solid push!


x3 Crew Experience for all Tier X Vehicles

Train your Tier X crews at triple the rate and become the ultimate fighting machine!


x2 Crew Experience for all Tier IX Vehicles

Grinding hard for that Tier X beast you always wanted? Why not train your crew at the same time? It’s double the experience for all your Tier IX tankers!


30% Discount and 20% Credit Income Bonus for all Tier VII Tanks

Your lucky sevens will be even more lucky than usual – use this special to earn extra credits or get some new tanks in your garage!

Please note that this discount and bonus does not affect SPGs and Premium vehicles


50% Credit Income Bonus for all Tier V Vehicles

Mid-game vehicles won’t be neglected either – ready your favourite Tier V and enjoy 50% more credit income!

Please note that this bonus does not affect Premium vehicles


50% Discount on the following Premium Tanks:







Matilda Black Prince

Matilda Black Prince


Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm

Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm





50% Discount on Equipment

Improve the performance of your vehicles by installing additional equipment for half the price!


50% Discount on Crew (Re)training and Skill Reset:

If you need to train or retrain your crew for a specific vehicle, or fix their perks, you will be able to do it 50% cheaper this weekend! The offer is valid for both credit and gold options!


You can enjoy these bonuses from Thursday 22nd August 2013 07:10 CEST (GMT +2) until Monday 26th August 07:00 CEST. 


Make sure to also check out our other currently running offers!

Tank of the Month

30% more Credits for IS-2

Top of the Tree

Discounts and additional Credits for German medium tanks

Interactive Special

30-50% discount and 50% bonus crew experience on the tech tree branch leading up to and including the German Jagdpanther

Gamescom Missions

Complete a different mission for each day of gamescom and obtain great rewards


Roll out, Commanders!