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Wargaming Community Party 2016 at the Roonburg

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After the success of our past parties, we had the pleasant responsibility to throw another during gamescom 2016—and boy, did you party with us!

The run on both registration phases for the community party at the Roonburg in Cologne had already given us a good impression of players’ eagerness for the event, but actually seeing all 500 of you face-to-face really swept us off our feet!

At 8 p.m., admittance began, during which we already recognised some old faces and got the chance to say "Hi" to the new ones.

Players, clan members and contributors met and chatted with the European Wargaming community team, along with members from other departments such as customer service, marketing and the content department. As well as this, developers, product specialists and producers were also in attendance. As a special guest, CEO Victor Kislyi mingled with the crowd.

On stage, Executive Producer for World of Tanks, Thaine Lyman, gave a presentation on the game, the sandbox server and future plans.

Additional highlights were the t-shirt printing machine as well as the photo booth, where everybody could not only take pictures but have them printed out as well. Whoever hadn’t got the time to check out what was new in World of Tanks and World of Warships could do so at four PCs and two consoles at the party gamestation.

Sustenance was provided in the form of pizza and free drinks, among others our own Wargaming drink, until the last guests left the venue at 4 a.m.

Commanders! It was an honour, a pleasure—and definitely worth a sleepless night!

We are already looking forward to next year!

If you don’t want to miss any Wargaming events in the future, we recommend keeping an eye on our events page.

Roll out!