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Special gamescom offers in the Gift Shop!

“We’re all going on a… summer holiday…”

Thankfully, we’re not going to be crooning with Cliff Richard on a London bus, but we are all heading out to gamescom in Cologne, Germany for Europe’s biggest games fair! Perhaps you’ll be going too? Make sure you stop by the Wargaming booth if you do!

If you are staying at home though, do not fear. Join in the fun with some extra-special offers in the Gift Shop that are only available during gamescom!

Unsurprisingly, there’s a bit of a German theme this week to our offers! Perhaps you fancy the Lion of Cologne? In this package, you can get the mighty Löwe and a garage slot to keep it in, but that’s not all! We are also throwing in an Improved Ventilation Class 3, an Enhanced Gun-Laying Drive and a Large Calibre Tank Gun Rammer for free so that you can get straight onto the battlefield at top performance!

Wiedmannsheil is a traditional German greeting used between hunters. It simply means ‘Good Hunting’. As such, it seemed like an appropriate name for a package featuring not one, not two, but three amazing German hunting vehicles! This package includes two tank destroyers - the 8,8 cm PaK Jagdtiger and the Dicker Max, along with a medium tank – the Panther/M10. The packages includes three garage slots and 30 days of premium account for free so that you can get the most out of your new hunters!

Are you heading to the Wargaming Community Party at gamescom,  or will you be joining us in spirit by hitting the battlefields? Either way, you need to ride in style, and so we are pleased to introduce the latest in German tank technology – the PartykampfWagen! This package includes the rare Pz. Kpfw (which cannot usually be purchased in game), a garage slot and a massive 15,000 gold for all your party needs!

Coming from the east is the Soviet Hammer – the KV-5! This steady vehicle is no longer available for purchase in game, so its appearance this week is a rare event indeed. Pick it up while it is available to add to your collection! It comes with a garage slot and 2,500 gold to customise it however you choose.

Perhaps you fancy something more flexible? Well, since you ask, we have a range of gamescom Goodie-Bags to suit all budgets! Each bag is stuffed with gold and credits for you to treat yourself (or a friend) to anything they fancy within the game, and if you purchase one of these you get a big bonus in the form of a more favourable exchange rate (666 credits per gold instead of the usual 400 in-game)! Everyone deserves a treat occasionally, right?

Remember, these offers will only be available during the week of gamescom – that is 22nd August 07:10 CEST (GMT +2) until 26th August 07:00 CEST. If you want one of these packages, you’ll have to be quick!


Package Name




67.99 EUR


49.99 EUR

The Lion of Cologne

  • Löwe (German Tier VIII Heavy Tank)
  • Garage Slot
  • Improved Ventilation Class 3 (free)
  • Enhanced Gun Laying Drive (free)
  • Large Calibre Tank Rammer (free)

43.95 EUR

Soviet Hammer

  • KV-5 (Soviet Tier VIII Heavy Tank)
  • Garage Slot
  • 2,500

36.95 EUR

Large gamescom Goodie-Bag

  • 12,000 
  • 12,000,000

99.99 EUR

Medium gamescom Goodie-Bag

  • 5,500
  • 5,500,000

49.95 EUR

Small gamescom Goodie-Bag

  • 2,000
  • 2,000,000

20.00 EUR

Premium Account

A premium account allowes to to earn more credits and experience per battle so that you can progress more quickly in the game. All the information about the advantages of a premium account can be found in our guide.


8,8 cm PaK 43 Jagdtiger

This vehicle is a German Tier VIII tank destroyer.  It features the hull of the German Tier IX Jagdtiger tank destroyer combined with the gun similar to the one used on the German Tier VII PzKpfw VI Tiger heavy tank.  The 8.8 cm PaK 43 L/71 Ausf. A gun delivers a huge amount of damage per minute thanks to an outstanding reload speed and it also has a decent penetration for its tier.  If you like to play tank destroyers with strong frontal armour, and don’t mind having weak sides and no rotating turret, this is a vehicle for you!


Dicker Max

This is a German Tier VI Premium Tank Destroyer. This unique vehicle bears many similarities to the German Tier III Tank Destroyer, Marder II. It is equipped with a gun capable of dealing great amounts of damage and is characterised by an outstanding depression angle. As a result, the Dicker Max is a perfect machine for using ‘hull-down’ tactics. Bear in mind that this vehicle has poor armour and an open top which makes it very vulnerable against HE shells and artillery fire. As long as you remain hidden, you will pose a serious threat to your enemies.



The Panther/M10  is a really bizarre machine at first glance. Everyone will notice that the colour of this tank is not typically German, making it look more like the American tanks. The reason for this is that historically this vehicle was designed to look similar to the M10, making it harder for the Allies to recognise the threat and hence causing confusion behind enemy lines. The vehicle can easily be compared to the Panther tank. The gun of the Panther/M10 is almost the same as the stock gun of the Panther tier VII medium tank available in the German tech tree. The speed limit is just slightly lower for the M10, while the engine power is almost as good as the top engine of the Panther, making it very efficient in travelling from one flank to the other.



The KV-5 is a Tier VIII heavy tank, and as with all of the KV series it is a member of the USSR nation in World of Tanks. It is a heavily armoured vehicle with a decent gun. Whilst it is unlikely win any speed races, it is quite easy to remain the last tank standing on a battlefield. If you are fan of ramming techniques then this beast should go straight to your garage!


PzKpfw B2 740(f)

This Tier IV German heavy tank is a really intriguing vehicle. It is one of the lowest tier heavy tanks currently in the game and really stands out on the battlefield. Its thick frontal armour makes it simple to engage enemies without too much risk of getting damaged. Be warned though, the sides are far more vulnerable! This vehicle is a great for heavy tank lovers that want to play at lower tiers and don’t mind being slow.



This premium tank is one of the most commonly spotted premium vehicles in game.  The Lowe is a German tier VIII heavy tank. It is equipped with a 10.5 cm KwK 46 L/70 gun and is one of the best killing machines on the World of Tanks battlefields. The Lowe is also one of the best credit making tanks in the game and is an essential addition to the garage for every tank collector.



As well as these temporary packages, you can always find the regular permanent offers in the gift shop. Remember the Löwe is on offer this week!




One year of Premium

One year of premium account

82.69 Euro

Six months of Premium

Six months of premium account

49.09 Euro

FCM 50 t

  • FCM 50 tFrench Premium Tier VIII Heavy Tank
  • 1 Garage Slot
43.95 Euro


  • IS-6, Soviet Tier VIII heavy tank
  • 1 Garage Slot

43.99 Euro

5,500 Gold


19.95 Euro

2,500 Gold


9.95 Euro



The IS-6 is a Soviet tier VIII heavy tank. The armour on the tank is relatively thin but it is very well sloped, giving a good defensive capability.   The tank is equipped with the 122 mm D-30 gun.  This has a relatively low penetration, so you will need to adjust your tactics and aim for enemy weak spots, but the gun is capable of delivering a lot of damage with a good rate of fire.


FCM 50 t

This vehicle is a Premium Tier VIII French heavy tank. Even though it is classified as heavy, the playstyle of this vehicle is closer to that of a medium tank. Whilst it is lightly armoured, the FCM 50 t is quite fast, very mobile, and armed with the very reliable 90mm DCA-45 gun. If you like to play as support and excel at sneaky flanking and peek-a-boo tactics, the FCM 50t will be your new best friend!



Weidmannsheil, Commanders!