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Six things we learned from gamescom 2015

We can hardly believe that the final day of gamescom is already here! While preparing for the finale, we sat down with a coffee and came up with the six things that we have learnt from this year’s event:

(6) World of Tanks on Xbox One is looking STUNNING

Andy Dorizas and Jeff Gregg from Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore took to the stage to show footage that was completely captured on the Xbox One. HD Tank production is in full effect with every single tank being added to the game in HD with moving objects. Night Battles with dynamic lighting and atmospheric effects are looking extremely enticing too, as does the new Player vs Environment “Proving Grounds” mode that sees a new challenger arise in the form of bots with adaptive difficulty settings.

(5) The Wargaming Stage looked like a rock concert!

(4) World of Warships is sailing on strong!

Global Publishing Producer for World of Warships, Artur Plociennik, proudly brought Wargaming’s tactical naval MMO to the stage this year. As well as goodies for the fans (and a quick dance to “What shall we do with the drunken sailor?”), Artur showed how the game is progressing. German ships are just the tip of the iceberg!

(3) World of Tanks has a new nation and new maps

The introduction of Czechoslovakia and its own branch of medium tanks is undoubtedly big news for the European region. Capping off the announcements for World of Tanks PC was footage of the new maps based on Czech, German and Polish locations. Japanese Heavy Tanks also made it into the show.

Anton Pankov, Global Publishing Producer for World of Tanks

(2) The Wargaming mobile games are making a big impact

The latest iterations of World of Tanks Blitz and World of Tanks Generals were played on the big screens by Wargaming staff and audience members. World of Tanks Generals was tested for the first time on iPad by players.

Marcus Blaesche, Team Lead of Publishing Producing at Wargaming EU

(1) You guys rock! (but we knew this already, of course)



Thank you all for making gamescom 2015 so special! Roll Out