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The Wolves of gamescom – An Interview with 54th Wolfpack


gamescom is definitely a big deal for us as a company in the video game industry, but what meaning does it hold for the players?

Looking at past events, you cannot help but notice that the event is very popular, with literally thousands of visitors raiding the booth every day. This is partly because gamescom is the perfect place to get exclusive, first-hand information about the future of your favourite games and partly because it is also a great opportunity to meet dedicated tank-battle aficionados from around the world.

Many clans use the event as the perfect incentive to organise an offline meet-up for their members. Today we’d like to show you gamescom through the eyes of one such clan - the 54th Wolfpack.

[54TH] 54th Wolfpack, lead by _Claw_ and 54_Beast, is a close-knit clan of dedicated players and friends, who have become  frequent and recognisable visitors to the Wargaming booth at gamescom. If you have visited us during one of the past events, you probably remember them from their personalised clan merchandise, friendly attitude and, of course, unmistakeable mascots.

We asked the clan to tell us a bit about themselves and share their opinions on the event:

Wargaming: What is the story behind your clan’s name? Looking at it from a World of Tanks perspective, one can assume that you guys are really into medium tanks – is that the case?

_Claw_ - leading and representing the clan in style!

54_Beast: The cornerstone of the clan was laid in 2009, in the closed beta of a different game which was based around World War II air battles. Our clan name back then was "SG2 - Schlachtgeschwader 2" (In English - “Battle Squadron 2”). However, after the game’s release and the subsequent account wipes, some other clan managed to beat us to the name and took it for their own before we could re-establish the clan. As a result, we needed to come up with a new name for ourselves. After much discussion, we decided to baptise our clan as the “54th Wolfpack.” The name gained recognition and soon started to instil fear among our opponents because we fought like a pack of wolves in the skies. At that time, we had over 40 members and found ourselves in the Top 10 of the game’s EU rankings.

After some time, the need to find an alternate game emerged and so we found ourselves experiencing the pleasure of roaming the battlefields in World of Tanks. The clan tasted blood and soon became quite fond of heavy machinery. Therefore, to answer your question: the majority of our players actually prefer heavy tanks, especially the Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger II. This is because the vehicle allows you to plan and execute fast, accurate and powerful assaults.

Wargaming: Your clan consists of only 20 members. Is it a circle of friends from real life? Did you guys known each other before you started playing World of Tanks?

54_Beast: We met each other mostly through gaming. However, some members have known one another from before and so found themselves in the game through recommendation and invitations. Unfortunately, our ranks dwindled due to real life obligations. Many faithful members left the game and the clan to take care of their children, families and for work. Those who remained, however, are sticking together – like a pack of wolves.

The wolves on the hunt for some juicy contest prizes!


Wargaming: The 54th Wolfpack clan seems to be a regular visitor of gamescom. Rumour has it that you made your hotel reservations for this year’s event even before last year’s ended. Is that true?

54_Beast: Yes, we booked our rooms for this year’s gamescom before the end of the last one. Interestingly, we’re staying near the street "Rotkäppchenweg” (“Little Red Riding Hood Way”) – a quite fitting location for us, eh?

Wargaming: What does gamescom mean to your clan? Are you treating it as a good occasion for a clan meet up or is there another story behind this ongoing tradition?

54_Beast: Our members are scattered all across Germany, so sometimes gamescom is the only way of gathering the clan outside of the game and having some fun together.

Wargaming: Your clan is also known for its mascots. Do they accompany you wherever your clan goes or are they special clan representatives for gamescom alone?

_Claw_ and 54_Beast showcasing the little big stars of the clan


54_Beast: Our mascots are permanent representatives of our clan and are thus an integral part of any trip. For example, Lieutenant Commander Woof went with us to the Wacken Open Air (a large heavy metal festival) in the north of Germany. Also, when one of our clan mates had to go to a hospital, Woof did not hesitate to visit him as well.

Chief Callaway and Lieutenant Commander Woof in their full glory.   Woof and Callaway dominating the battlefield in World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition


Wargaming: “The mascots are also quite good cosplayers, aren’t they? Two years ago one came dressed as a tank commander and last year we admired a second one dressed in some impressive pilot’s attire. Which uniforms can we expect to see this August? Have you prepared something special? A navy captain perhaps?”

54_Beast: “Cosplaying as a navy captain was actually the idea we had for last year but in the end we decided to wait until World of Warships is released ;-)

No worries, you will definitely see it – that’s a promise!

Wargaming: What do you think of Wargaming’s presence at gamescom?

54_Beast: It is always worthwhile to visit you, even though your fans can react a little bit too enthusiastically to the stage activities and contests at times. As a result, it can be difficult to get to the stage or stay there for long.

Wargaming: Do you enjoy visiting our booth? If so, what is in your opinion the most fun aspect of the Wargaming stand?

54_Beast: Wargaming’s booth at gamescom is and has always been a solid part of our daily schedule and it would be unthinkable to have it postponed or cancelled. More so, since your Community Manager and photographer, Tuccy, developed quite a liking for taking pictures of us with the mascots, we have no other choice but to keep coming back. Many Wargaming employees have also grown very fond of Woof and Callaway and are always happy to see them. We are also welcomed very warmly and have friendly chats together. That is why we like coming over to Wargaming.”

Wargaming: If you could change anything to make visiting our booth more enjoyable, what would it be?

54_Beast: It would be great if you could have an area where small groups of let’s say, 10 people, could meet and compete against each other. So far you’ve hosted tournaments only for the professional World of Tanks players. There are so many clans present and it would be cool if you had also a tournament, in which everyone could take part.”

Wargaming: “Would you like to say anything to your fellow players, who still haven’t made up their minds whether to make the trip to Cologne or not?”

54_Beast: We’d like to say just this: “What?! You’re not coming?! CELEBRATE THE GAMES!"

The wolves’ hunt has proven to be bountiful indeed.


You heard the man – come visit us at Gamescom and let’s celebrate the games together!