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gamescom 2016: Thank You!

gamescom 2016 is officially over, but these moments will stay with us forever. We hope to see you next year!

We covered gamescom day by day on the Portal. In case you missed it: Day 1 Recap I Day 2 Recap I Day 3 Recap I Day 4 Recap

The Stage Finale on Sunday

Right after the nail-biting match, where the director of World of Tanks and streamer QuickyBaby played a live match in front of the audience, the stage was overtaken by the Wargaming staff. Victor Kislyi, the CEO and founder of Wargaming himself, joined up on the stage for a riveting finale of gamescom 2016. Thank you all who participated!

The Streamers came out to play!

Those who could not join could have tuned in to one of the four streamers Quickybaby (EN), gRuMM3L (DE), Riokat (DE), and Sir Nossi (DE). The streamers HQ was hiding in plain sight inside our booth and many of you could spot your favourite internet personas either streaming or walking through the booth. Pretty cool to see these guys in real life!

Our community staff walked around the booth with Quickybaby and asked him a few questions as well. Go ahead and watch it!


100 Years of Tanks and the Photobooth

Remembering the 100 years anniversary of introduction of tanks, we rammed Mark I tank into a brick wall and let you take silly pictures in front of it! Thanks, Mark!

gamescom Survival Kit Contest

It might be called gaming expo, but in reality, gamescom could very well be mistaken for the ultimate survival challenge. Experienced gamescom visitors know that being prepared means not only making it through the day, but coming on top with some great loot to bring home. Remember, folding chairs are only the tip of the iceberg!

By sending your survival kit photos, you had the chance to win our Wargaming goodie bag.

And Facebook Livestream!

If the streamers didn't bring the awesomeness right into your home, then our community team certainly saved the day. Days, in fact, as our livestreams kept you entertained each and every day directly from the Wargaming booth.

In case you missed them, here are the Sunday stream links: Sunday Livestream FinaleInterview with Victor Kislyi

And that is definitely it from gamescom 2016 as hosted by Wargaming. We hope to see you next year. Until then... Let's battle!

Roll out!