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Wargaming at gamescom 2014 – Expect the Unexpected!

As every year, gamescom kicks off with Business and Media Day during which the trade fair grounds are reserved for journalists and business partners of the various companies assembled here. You mustn’t feel completely locked out though! Our handy presentation will grant you a look at what’s waiting for you on the inside in order to get you ready to storm our booth come tomorrow morning.


The Stand…

 Following the motto “Bigger, Brighter & Better”, this year everything about our booth is bigger, brighter and better too! In fact, the only thing that remained the same, in comparison to last year’s setup, is the location of the stand itself – we are still at Hall 8, Stand A030. So if you came here last year, you’ll have no trouble finding us in 2014 either.

As a matter of fact, we’ll be pretty hard to miss because our booth is one of the biggest on site. Expect to see a large 720marena, surrounded by three-stories-high walls covered in giant, digital screens projecting the Wargaming gospel to the faithful congregation of gamescom attendees. Follow the three glowing tank tracks at the entrance to make your way to the centre of the stage, or relax in one of five spacious gaming lounges where you’ll be able to play your favourite Wargaming title. World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, World of Tanks Blitz, World of Tanks XBOX 360 Edition – you name it! They are all here and playable at over 48 gaming stations that are waiting for you to arrive.


If you feel like doing something completely new and unexpected, then you may want to queue up for our private World of Warships room. It is here that we show off a playable version of the eagerly-anticipated naval MMO title, presented for the first time to the public on European soil.


The Action…

We’ve got a lot of activity lined up for our fans at gamescom! This year, our guest list of attending developers is longer than ever, featuring Senior Staff production members from all of our projects. Make sure you memorise our Stage Schedule by heart so that you don’t miss any of the Q&As, interviews, showcases and contests that will be happening on an hourly basis!

In between segments we’ve got another highlight for you. After dancing on the ground in 2012, then flying through the air in 2013, this year, we brought our popular dance crew back – in the water! See a spectacular display of water acrobatics in two, gigantic aquariums that are already the talk of this year’s gamescom!

 Naturally, there’ll also be plenty of opportunities for the goodie-hunters among you to snatch up exclusive prizes and gifts that our presenters Moneo, Kabazabak and Obirian will be throwing off stage!

How can you see all of this gorgeous gamescom goodness? You’ve really only got two options: Either come by our stand in person to take in the insanity first hand or refer to our trusted live stream! On there, we’ll have a broadcast of all the events on stage as well as a specially produced online show which we put together specifically for this gamescom.


Who’s with us for gamescom 2014, Wargamers?