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WUSA Standoff

The League Standoff is well underway. Last time, you bravely stood up to WASD Gaming, and this week it’s time for WUSA to make a stand! On EU1 Server, on Saturday 31 January starting at 19:00 CET, you’ll be in with a chance to meet WUSA in the Team Battles queue. The team will keep on playing for around three hours.

WUSA was founded as a German eSports Team, but nowadays they have incorporated players from different Central and Northern European countries. They won the German WCG-Qualifier 2013 and reached second place at WCG World in Kunshan, China. They also won the A-Series Season Three. WUSA placed 9th at Grand Finals 2014 in Warsaw and reached 10th place in the Season Three WGL Gold Series. They are still fighting for a spot at the offline finals for Season Five.

So what’s in it for you, if you decide to test your skills fighting these seasoned pros?

  • Regardless of the outcome of the encounter with WUSA, every member of your team in the battle will receive 100 .
  • For every member of the WUSA team you manage to take down during the time of the battle, your team will be rewarded a total of 1,400, meaning every member of your team will receive 200for every destroyed tank!
  • This gives you a total of 10,500 for your Team if you manage to destroy all the WGL Standoff Team members in an engagement!
  • You can receive the reward as many times as you encounter the WUSA team. So even if you meet them once, jump back to the queue and keep your fingers crossed!

A few words from the team, about the team:

We are thankful for the opportunity of playing World of Tanks at the highest level for money and glory in the WGL Gold Series. We are quite aware that this is only possible due to the eSports community supporting the 7/54 game mode and watching the streams. That being said, we are happy to participate in WGL Standoff to give fun, joy and some gold prizes back to the community. So join the battles on Saturday 31 January, and good luck to meet and beat us!

The event will be streamed via Sieesch’s Twitch channel. You can also keep up to date with WUSA team news by following their team captain on Twitter

You can also check out Veitilein's Twitch here.