WoT7 Tournament - Meet the Winners


This weekend, the action-packed WoT7 tournament saw its final battles live on stream. The best commanders got together in teams of 7 and went head-to-head in fierce battles for honor, glory, and heaps of gold!

Congratulations, FAME

WoT7 Tournament Champions 2021

The path to the top was long, and only the teams with the most cunning tactics and clever strategies made it to the final rounds this past weekend. FAME, INVIL, [GX] RAYD, PŘEPALOS, Tropical Cyclone, and STORM managed to leave the competition for dust and moved on from the group stage to the first rounds of live battles on May 1. After exciting matches and exceptional tank action, FAME, INVIL, and PŘEPALOS beat out their rivals and were set to meet on Sunday, May 2 for the semi-finals and the ultimate face-off.

On Sunday, PŘEPALOS succumbed to the superior strategies of FAME and INVIL, putting these great rivals up for the final battle.

The fight was set for 7 rounds and both teams were eager to go the distance. INVIL took an early lead and won the first three rounds. But FAME was determined to come back and managed to dominate in the next 3, which gave them a chance to take it all in round 7.

INVIL tried to hold strong, but it was not enough to stop FAME in their tracks, who were crowned champions of WoT7 2021.

Congratulations on a superb performance, a nice pile of gold, bonds, and €2,000 for the team.

Announcement from FAME command:

We are glad to finally see a tournament showcasing our favorite competitive mode, 7v7. It was very intense, we had very close match-ups against INVIL, the other tournament favorite.

We love the format, it's more tactical, the map sizes work perfectly with the number of tanks to play, we can focus on players positioning/movements/shooting more. We are really hoping for more in the future. Is that the time to get team battles back?

The only downside I felt and would like to point out was playing bo5’s over bo7’s/bo9’s during the playoffs.

We are happy to prove once again FAME is on the top of the EU competition. Special shout out to all the viewers cheering for us and sending us positive energy every time we play, you helped us keep the morale to make the reverse sweep happen during the finals.

Congratulations also go out to KECAJ_ (INVIL) as the Most Valued Player!

Thank you all for watching, and a heartfelt thank you to all the teams for their sporting attitude during the event.


Day 1: kecaj leaving the middle positions to help his teammate in the Bat. Chat, winning the 2v2 and getting the first point against PŘEPALOS.

Day 2: Big brawl with a great push from FAME, picking up a Super Conqueror on the wrong foot.

Day 2 (final match): INVIL approaching with the final push onto FAME, picking up ANIALLATOR but bleeding HP and losing control over the map.

Roll Out!