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World of Tanks Pro League – Four Days Left

It’s time to bring you up to speed with the World of Tanks Pro League. As the final looms, some teams are already slightly ahead of others, while others are now fighting for their place (or not!) in the finals. The stream covered two rounds – 1SBP Zawisza vs. Lucky Kuraky and Kazna Kru vs Dragonborns. Let’s take a closer look at the second of these from May 20th stream rounds!

Kazna Kru vs. Dragonborns

First battle – Airfield. Dragonborns (DB) started east and rushed north, while Kazna Kru (Kazna) spread its forces more or less equally. Both teams rushed for the middle to get into position. Barely two minutes had passed before shrapnel was flying in every direction and half of the participants were down. Thirty seconds later and Kazna had lost its last tank to the DB charge!

Second battle – Prokhorovka. The battle was raging as quickly as the first one, with only five tanks left after two minutes had passed. Seconds later, the rapid fire of autoloaders had left Dragonborns with one last AMX 13 90, which was cornered by the Kazna wolf pack in the town, resulting in its inevitable destruction.

Third battle – Mines. DB approached from the west, just covering the middle and town, while Kazna spread evenly across the southern part of the map. After the first skirmishes, DB regrouped and raced through the town to launch a short guerrilla attack. After scoring some losses and retreating, DB attacked with its GW Panther backed with light tanks. That decisive move led to a spectacular victory for DB!

Fourth battle – Ensk. Both teams deployed almost all their forces in the town and immediately took up positions between the D and F rows. The game turned into the first DB – Kazna stalemate in the northern half of the map, soon turning into an autoloader massacre resulting in a 3:1 victory for Dragonborns!

If you want to watch the stream of Kazna vs DB or the 1SBP vs Lucky Kuraky round from yesterday, watch the VoD on our channel. 


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