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World of Tanks Booth at the Intel Extreme Masters

The first day of the World of Tanks Intel Extreme Masters finals has kicked off and we are pleased to inform you that we’ve prepared a ton of attractions to take place alongside the group stage games. We also want our fans to participate in this grand event! That is why while the top eight teams of Europe fight against each other in battles on the main World of Tanks stage, the visitors have got a chance to sit down and try out their skills in the game using special IEM accounts with which they can try any vehicle available in the game.

The Community Team representatives, Supercharge and Cmd_Latina are giving everyone a warm welcome and are around to lend a hand to anyone needing assistance in playing. The members of the eight finalist teams are also often close to the booth and are helping the World of Tanks players to get better with practical advice. Who else to ask, if not the masters? If you aren’t sure which tank you’d like to grind to, or if you’d like to test the strengths and weaknesses of a certain vehicle, this is a great opportunity to check everything out and get a professional opinion.

Later during the day, all our fans present at the booth will be able to participate in special tank-related quizzes and World of Tanks tournaments with amazing prizes. If you feel like winning some World of Tanks gadgets, it’s time to visit our booth!

During the entire tournament, our team members will be interviewing the finalists and commenting on their performance on the battlefields to help everyone understand the tactical moves of certain teams. You will be able to watch this onsite on the big screens as well as via our live stream!

Now you can tune in to the livestream or put a warm coat on and take a walk to the tournament and enjoy the show!

We’ll be announcing the results in the news as we receive them! Remember, today (Friday 18th January) is the group stages and tomorrow will be the semi-finals and finals.

It’s time to enjoy the show, commanders!