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World of Tanks Pro League Season Two

The second season of the World of Tanks Pro League is already under way. Twelve best teams of Europe are fighting for six spots in the final, which will take place on Gamescom 2013! There is a lot at stake as the prizes are higher than in the first season!




50.000 €


21.900 €


15.500 €


8.000 €


3.000 €


3.000 €


If you don’t know what the World of Tanks Pro League is, you can find everything you would like to know on our dedicated page. How did the first season go? Check out the short recap of the grand final!

There are some small changes compared to the first season regarding specific rules. The rule changes include Wild Card rule change, supplementing Widepark and Airfield maps with Ruinberg and Steppes as well as other minor changes.

You can find the full schedule of the entire season on our dedicated World of Tanks Pro League website. Tune in to the stream every Monday and Thursday, starting from 19:00 CEST (GMT+2) and learn from the best!


Enjoy the stream and remember you’ve still got a chance to qualify for the third season via Go4WoT or A-Series!