Tune In to the Winter Joust Finals


Are you ready for fantastic tank action and epic clashes between some of the best European teams? The Winter Joust is the next community-organized tournament in the Joust series following the Spring and Summer Jousts.

Some of the best tank commanders have once again come together to cross lances and fight for the crown. Tune in live on December 5 and 6 at 16:00 CET (UTC+1) and watch the finals with excellent commentary in multiple languages on Twitch and YouTube!

Where to Watch

Keyhand (EN) Cygan_ (PL) Chessgenie (DE)
Synop_s (FR) jXcr (ES)  
+ additional streams by tournament participants
Mirek_DaG0D (CZ) Marc (DE) RadioPrimate (ES)
Yarbii (ES) Buksika (EN) Frugo (PL)


Tournament Rules

  • Only Tier VIII–X vehicles
  • Maximum combined tier: 66
  • Reward tanks and wheeled vehicles are excluded.
  • Format: best of seven
  • Battle mode: 2-Cap ATT/DEF
  • Battle duration: 10 minutes
  • Maps: Cliff, Ghost Town, Himmelsdorf, Mines, Murovanka, Prokhorovka, Ruinberg, Sand River, Steppes, Tundra
  • To win a game, teams will need to destroy all enemy vehicles, capture the defending team's base, or survive the 10 minutes of battle time as the defender.

Tournament Rewards

1st place: 32,000 for the team + 1 Tier X 3D style for each team member

2nd place: 24,000 for the team + 1 Tier IX 3D style for each team member

3rd & 4th place: 16,000 for the team + 1 2D style for each team member

5th & 6th place: 8,000 for the team

Has the Joust sparked your desire to crush your opponents and reap fantastic rewards? Are you feeling inspired by the great tank action on screen and want to try it for yourself? Do you want to put your skills and tactics to the test in a tournament? Check out the list of Daily December Tournaments and assemble your team! The last month of the year is full of surprise rewards and even a chance to make it to the big screen yourself!


Roll Out!