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WGLEU Back in Action

The League Europe Season 5 games stopped on 17 December for a short holiday break. The first part of the season was truly amazing, with several matches ending with unexpected results. We’re sure the second part will be equally exciting, as the changes to the game format have proven to push teams into constant action with a very limited time for hesitation. Even seconds of delay can now cost a team victory in a match!

Starting 5 January, the live streams will restart and the games will progress. During the first week there will also be two more days of streaming: 6 and 8 January. Later, the stream will continue as usual, every Monday and Thursday for the entire month. The next exception to the routine will happen in the first week of February, but we’ll keep you informed closer to the date!

Look out for special news about the WGL Standoff, a special event planned for January, where you will be able to win in-game gold in random encounters with Europe’s finest League teams.