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Join the WGL Season 1, 2015-2016

The Grand Finals of the League held in April were the biggest World of Tanks eSports event held to date. With the best teams from all around the world, the show was one that should not have been missed by anyone. As the venue doors were already closing, the eSports team was already working hard to bring you the next season - Bigger, better and with more bling!


The First Is the New Sixth

Last season was named the fifth, but as the system of the WGL has changed and there are now only two seasons per year, the naming conventions started to become confusing. To avoid this, as well as number inflation, the current season of the League will be renamed Season One, 2015-2016.


Your Stairway to Fame

The path to fame is a steep one, requiring the honing of ones gaming skills, as well as a healthy dose of self-esteem and the determination to succeed. That’s only the beginning, but fortune soon follows once the other checkpoints are reached. Want to get involved? Join the Bronze Series! Battle other teams, with each victory scoring you additional points to climb the rankings.


Every week a few top Bronze Series teams are promoted to the Silver Series, which holds the thirty best teams. These teams are the ones who not only earn their way to the Gold Series between seasons, but also compete for cash!


There Be Dragons

At the end of each season of the League, the teams who collected most points in the Silver Series are either directly promoted to next season’s Gold Series (such as through coming first in the Silver Series) or they are given the chance to participate in Relegation matches to compete against teams that are dropping out, to fight for their spots! The Gold Series is the end of the line and only the true masters of tank-fu remain.

Joining the top of the line comes with perks and rewards for your performance! In a nutshell, it looks like this:

If you’re prepared to dive deep into the rules, you’re welcome to download the League Europe Gold Series Season 1, 2015-2016 rulebook.

Finishing With a Bang

On top of the amazing prizes, fame, glory, great challenges, and the fun of competing at the highest levels, there is also the thrill of the finals! Held at the end of the season and lasting one day, during which, the best four teams of the season will fly to a location (to be announced), and compete for an additional prize pot in matches held in front of a live audience.

Have you ever wanted to have the spotlight on you? It can get quite heated, but it’s an unforgettable experience!


This Season…

Twelve teams already flex their steel muscles and prepare to dish out an unforgettable beating to their opponents. The League heavyweight elite providing you this tank-bashing and mind-blowing experience will be:




The Showtime

Watch them perform live on the WGLEU channel!


Get in, stand firm, and have fun!