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WGL Season 2, 2015-2016, starts today

The year is coming to an end but the League Season 2, 2015-2016, is just about to start. It is time to determine who the absolute best in Europe is. Welcome!

One thing is certain, this season will not look like anything you have seen before.  

It’s not the big that eat the small. It’s the fast that eat the slow.

Everything you thought you knew about eSports in World of Tanks… Is it still true? Now that Tier X is out there and the battle format is 7/68, the game will necessarily evolve. Everyone will need to adapt, train, and rethink their strategies. What worked on Tier VIII may not work anymore and likewise the gate is now open for new strategies to come into play. Inevitably, there will be those who quickly embrace the change and those who fall behind. On what side will your team stand?

Don't forget, you can follow the gold series live on the WGLEU channel


We are looking forward to watching the performances this season!