WGLEU: the Road to The Grand Finals

The battle for global domination is already raging in Europe. You can watch the action in real time every week from Thursday to Sunday. Don't hesitate to check the schedule of the matches beforehand if you don't want to miss out on a big one! And talking about big ones, it is no secret that The Grand Finals will once again be the biggest esports event of the year on World of Tanks. It is every competitive player's dream to one day step on that stage and demonstrate their talent in front of thousands of cheering fans.

Besides the Grand Finals, you may also have enjoyed watching the Rumble events that were recently held in the cities of New York and Moscow. But if you're not a hardcore fan, and you just enjoy the occasional watching session, perhaps the relationship between all these events is not so clear. So how do the teams get there? And how do they jump from the regular season to one Rumble to the next and all the way to the Grand Finals? Let us clarify. 



There are two seasons per year. We are currently at the beginning of Season II, 2016-2017. The regular season structure is the same for both seasons. The losers are relegated to the Silver Series, while the winners go further in the global competition through online playoffs and offline events:

  • At the end of any regular season, the teams placed 1st and 2nd qualify for the Season Finals.
  • The teams that finish 3rd to 6th go through the online playoffs to compete against each other in direct elimination matches. Two of them then also qualify for the Season Finals
  • At the end of the first season, the two season finalists go to to the Challenger Rumble to play against the two finalists from the other regions.
  • The two finalists of the Challenger Rumble go to the Champions Rumble to compete against the two season finalists from the current world champion region (the region of the Grand Finals winner). 
  • The winner of the Champions Rumble gets a direct qualification for the next Grand Finals
  • At the end of the second season, the global point system determines the teams that will represent their region at the Grand Finals. The points are earned in both Season I and Season II, but to ensure that the best performing teams are playing on the stage, Season II awards more points. 
  • The Grand Finals are the culmination point of a year. It is the global event where only the best of the best face each other.

The Wargaming.net League is a great source of expertise for any player or team eager to improve their play or explore new strategic options. It is also super fun to watch!

If you still have questions about the structure of the Gold Series, don't hesitate to ask them on the forums. 



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