WGLEU Promotion Matches

The WGLEU Season 2 ended a couple of weeks ago with the victory of DiNG over Kazna Kru (7-6), but before we head to The Grand Finals to enjoy the biggest show World of Tanks has ever seen, let's get a glimpse of the potential newcomers in the Gold Series for next Season.

Don't miss the live broadcast on Saturday 22 April from 17:30 CEST.

Battling to avoid relegation from Gold, Gunrunners (7th in the regular season) will do everything they can to save their spot at the highest level. Against them, several top challengers from the Silver Series will give us a refreshing taste of their newcomer tactics and unconventional warfare!  


WGLEU Season II 2016-2017 Relegation/promotion matches

Please note that the livestream is available only in English


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