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Close League Europe - Ones to Watch

The League Europe has already seen seven match days go by. This week, tune in on Monday and Thursday at 19:00 CEST (UTC+2) to enjoy some really promising matches that you should not miss! These are two highlights of the upcoming week of competitive gaming in the Gold Series:

Coming up on Monday

We’re looking forward to the WGLEU newcomers, Drooling Leprechauns, facing the European server champions, Virtus.PRO.

Virtus are yet to lose a single match, maintaining their image of being the WGLEU powerhouse. However, the Leprechauns have managed to pull off some outstanding moves when facing other teams earlier this season.

We’re excited to see if a team so new to the Gold Series can maintain their streak, make a stand, or maybe even win against the team that has consistently been on top for three for seasons in a row and which finished second in the Grand Finals earlier this year!

Coming up on Thursday

Everyone should be keeping their fingers crossed in the TCM Gaming vs. Kazna Kru match.

Kazna Kru is a WGLEU veteran team. They played in the finals in the first season and managed to hoard a great deal of experience. Their biggest achievement so far was coming 3rd  in season two.

TCM Gaming, on the other hand, was created almost a decade ago with its headquarters in the UK. They recently signed Odem Mortis for this season. Both teams are staying close to the top of the leader board, breathing down Virtus.PRO’s neck and making this match a must-watch!


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