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Close League Europe – Ones to Watch, July 14 and 17

The ninth match day is coming up this week and the League is but three weeks away from seeing a conclusion to the Gold Series round-robin games. The tangible tension is like the gathering of thunderstorm on a warm, summer’s day. This week, we too expect to hear thunder – mainly from the guns of our most accomplished teams!

Coming up on Monday

Usually the matches most worthy of announcing are either the battles of the titans or those in which rising stars try to take down giants with feet of clay. However, it’s also worth remembering those teams who are evenly matched, as they tend to surprise us with battles worthy of an honourable mention. This Monday we hope that Cplay TT.eSports will give us that kind of entertainment in the fight against eSuba_INTEL_WoT

Coming up on Thursday

Drooling Leprechauns and Lucky Kuraki are the teams to watch on this day. Both teams are currently looking wobbly on the scoreboard. With their current positions, anything can happen and every point counts. Losing is not an option for either of the teams as it can potentially cut off their way to participating in the finals. Which team will prove to have nerves of steel? Watch for yourself and find out!


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