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The WGL Standoff

Certain sources out there on the community battlefields have reported that Team Battles are full of challenge-hungry groups seeking worthy opponents. At the same time, the Gold Series teams are full of energy and wish to open another front to fight not only against each other but also against more unpredictable opponents. Isn’t that a convenient turn of events?

The League Command has decided to let slip the dogs of war and see what happens. Starting this Saturday 10 January, we plan to launch the weekly WGL Standoff event where the Gold Series teams will join the random Team Battle queue. The WGL Standoff Team will be in the queue for a minimum of two hours from the moment of the start of the event.

Want to have a chance of encountering the WGL Standoff Team? It’s easy, all you need to do is choose the Team Battles mode and either join an existing team or create your own.



Most Likely Outcome

Encountering a Random Team

Victory, experience and credits! Good job!

Encountering WGL Standoff Team

Most likely - defeat. We’re very sorry for that. For your trouble, we will be crediting 100 to every member of your team regardless of the outcome!

Destroying a member of the WGL Standoff Team

That’s swell. We’re aware the elite are hard to take down, but they are also not bulletproof. For every member of the WGL Standoff Team that your team manages to take down, your team will be credited 1,400 to split between all members of your team equally (that’s 200 to every member of your team)!

Winning Against the WGL Standoff Team

Outstanding job! Your reward is all those turrets stuck on pikes that line your path to victory!

As you can see, the total maximum amount of Gold you can earn in a single engagement per team is 10,500. There is no limit to the amount of encounters rewarded, so if you do meet and even defeat the WGL Standoff Team, you are welcome to rejoin the queue in the hope of meeting them again!


The event will most likely be streamed live by members of the WGL Standoff Team. Details about the streams will be published in subsequent reminders, with details about the teams you may be able to meet on each weekend.


You do not need to take any screenshots. The WGL Standoff Team will keep track of all the encounters and make sure they are processed properly. It may take up to five business days to process the crediting requests, so there's no need to panic if you don’t receive it immediately.


If you need more information about the new Team Battles in the 7/54 format, we advise you to watch eSports Reborn (below) or read the feature article.



What are you waiting for? Get ready to roll out!