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WGLEU Gold Series Online Playoffs

Here we are with the Season's playoffs already upon us! The weeks passed by quickly, and we barely had time to breathe in the midst of all these sharp shooting skills and pro, strategic thinking. As is always the case, the first two teams of the regular season are already qualified to go to Katowice for the Season Finals. They are teams DiNG and Utopia. Congratulations to them!           


You can find the final standings of the regular season below: 


The online playoffs, on 2 October, will determine which other two teams amongst the top 6 are truly worthy of joining them. They don't have far to go before they face the crowd and feel the heat of the stage in the Finals, but they are going to have to perform better than their rivals in the upcoming matches. 



Who will come out victorious? Who will bite the dust? 



The action starts on October 2 at 16:00 CEST


The on-stage European Finals will be held on 23 October in Katowice. Soon, we will share more practical information about the event. 



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