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WGL RU Season 3 Finals

Live from Minsk, Belarus, watch the top eight teams playing a full double elimination tournament over four days, from 27th February to 2nd March.


The general schedule can be found below:

Date Stream start time, CET (UTC+1) Estimated stream finish time, CET (UTC+1)
27.2.2014 12:00 20:00
28.2.2014 12:00 20:00
1.3.2014 14:00 20:00
2.3.2014 14:00 20:00


Tune in to our broadcasts for a chance to win premium vehicles and gold. We will be giving away loads of cool prizes during the Third Season Finals:

  • Twitter: Chat with the hosts about the games using the following tags for your chance to win gold. The best comment each day will win a TOG II*!
    • #worldoftanks #esports #wgleague @wgleague #rtv
    • Follow @WGLeague so that the hosts can send private messages to you.
  • Twitch chat: Vote for who you think will win the finals matches - there’s a premium tank to be won in every match! In your vote, include your in-game nickname and server region, as well as the team you think will win.


Have fun!