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WGL Regional Lock

The League is currently divided into multiple regions by server location. However, if you can overcome the difficulties related to high latency, there is nothing stopping you from joining a WGL region unrelated to your residency.

Many teams decided to change their region due to playing hours as well as other team-specific reasons. However, after carefully revising these practices we have decided to introduce some restrictions to such transfers in order to help regional teams rise to fame and fortune on their home servers.

Starting after the 2015 Grand Finals, the Regional Lock will be introduced to the WGL.

This means that teams will not be able to freely relocate around the world. The new system will oblige every team to join their own region based on their members' residency.

  • In case your team is majorly composed of members from one region but have got key players from another region, have no fear. There will still be a possibility to keep a small part of your team from a different region. Non-residents participation will be limited to a maximum of three people.
  • If a team has more members from a different region, it can be forced to transfer. Forced transfer of teams in Gold and Silver Series will be handled on a case by case basis. The WGLEU Administration will review every case individually to ensure the fairest transfer to the respective series in the region the team is transferred to.

Season 5 will not be affected by the Regional Lock, but if your team will be affected by them in the next season, it’s time to start preparing for changing your region or modifying your roster.


More news will arrive closer to the rule coming to life and in the meantime, enjoy the WGLEU games every Monday and Thursday evening!