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New League Format

On 5 November, update 9.4 overhauled the old Team Battles format, introducing an all-new competitive game mode, Attack /Defence. Europe, as well as all other League regions, will implement the new mode beginning with the upcoming season.

Teams will have an entire season to master their skills in all-new format before competing in it during the 2015 Grand Finals.

The Attack/Defence mode has been tested and approved by professional League players, and has been carefully crafted based on their feedback. Thanks to the changes, the competitive players will be put in a more dynamic environment and thus you, our stream-powered fans, can expect a significantly improved viewer experience during the shows!


The Highlights

  • Shortened battle duration to 7 minutes.
  • Clearly defined team goals:
    o   As defenders - victory through maintaining control over both bases, destroying the attackers, or survival until the battle time runs out.
    o   As attackers – victory by destroying the defenders or capturing one of the bases.
  • Randomly assigned roles.
  • Two separate base capture counters assigned to each of the base capture zones.
  • Two permitted tank setups:
    o   Five players on Tier VIII and two on Tier VII vehicles.
    o   Six players on Tier VIII and one on Tier VI vehicles.
  • Six carefully designed maps.

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