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WGL EU Season 3 Relegation Results

The European League Season Three relegation matches are over and we’d like to communicate the highlights of the event to you. According to the WGL rules, twelve teams are selected for the league qualifiers each season. Six of the teams are the top six teams from the previous season, while the other six are picked in two ways.

Three teams qualify automatically through the A-Series and Go4WoT. The two best teams from the last season of the A-Series and the best team from the last Go4WoT matches don’t need to do anything more to take part in the fourth season of the European League.

This time the lucky, and most skilful, teams who qualified automatically are:
  • WUSA – the German rising power, who managed to take 2nd place during the last edition of the World Cyber Games, and qualified with the highest score in the 2nd season of the A-Series tournament.
  • FreeFall – qualified by achieving second place in the A-Series tournament. Not many of you will know that FreeFall is a sister team of the famous Finnish team, SPALE.
  • WASD Gaming – qualified by taking first place in the Go4WoT tournaments.

The three other teams have to fight! The best teams from the tournaments mentioned above have to play the teams who placed in positions 7-9 in the last EU WGL qualifier. The games were as follows:

Season 3 Relegated Team
New team trying to qualify
Odem Mortis Kazna Spain
Team WD Lucky Kuraki


The three teams who emerged victorious from these matches were Odem Mortis, eSuba_INTEL_wot and Lucky Kuraki. Congratulations to Odem Mortis for staying on board, as well as to eSuba and Lucky Kuraki who were in the EU WGL in earlier seasons and have made a great comeback!

The third season isn’t over just yet! We still have the teams who qualified for the offline finals who will play for the grand prize of 50,000 Euros and the 100,000 Euro total prize pool! The finals will be in southern Poland at the end of January 2014.


Stay tuned, as more news about the Season Three offline finals will appear soon!