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WGL EU Season Four Finals – Day Two

After an entire day of top-of-the-line battling, pinpoint pushes, ruthless assaults and devastating victories, the first day of the finals has come to an end. Four teams started today, each of them with a plan to move forward to the second day of the competition.

How did it go for them? Well, two of the participants have not triumphed this time, but it was clear that not a single player wanted to give way without a fight.

You can find the detailed results of the first day below:






Kazna Kru



The team who performed outstandingly, but not as well as the other from the progressing teams, is  CPLAY and will be the one facing the Goliath of the European and world scenes, Virtus.PRO. They will only get one shot at this, as the loser of that match will be playing for third place. Evil Panda Squad, who finished 2nd in the overall qualifier of the fourth season and are a veteran of the WGL EU already (finishing 2nd in the Season Two of the WGL EU in Cologne in 2013) will be facing Schoolbus. 

We’re excited to see how these matches will go down and we hope that you’ll join us on the stream and in our contests via our social media channels!

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To not miss any of the action, take a look at the streaming schedule below:




Teams Game format Score

14:10 – 15:00

Virtus.PRO vs.  CPLAY Best of 5 3 : 1 

15:00 – 16:20

Evil Panda Squad vs. Schoolbus  Best of 5 1 : 3 

16:20 – 17:00


17:00 – 18:30

CPLAY vs Evil Panda Squad Best of 5 3 : 2 

18:30 – 20:20

Virtus.PRO vs. Schoolbus  Best of 7 3 : 4 

20:20 – 20:30

Winner's Ceremony

*Please keep in mind that the provided times are subject to change depending on the progress of the live event.


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