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Wargaming Universe Tournament Registration

The Wargaming Universe Tournament is the first big cross-game eSports event we’ve organized. The first stage will be business as usual but the second stage will be something really special!

Stage One:

The first step is signing up for Stage One, the World of Tanks tournament, using the tournament sign-up system. The tournament will look as it usually does, until the very end. Take a look at the below infographic to have a general overview of what will be happening, but keep in mind it only refers to the activities in Stage One.



Please read the entire news carefully, including the Stage Two rules, before signing up for the tournament!

Stage Two:

The top 128 teams from Stage One, the World of Tanks tournament stage, will automatically qualify for Stage Two, which will take place in World of Warplanes. If your team manages to finish in the top four in both tournaments, your gold winnings will be doubled! On top of that, if your team finishes in the top two in both tournaments, all team members will receive a Type 59 Tier VIII Chinese medium tank and a Curtiss P-36C Hawk fighter plane!

The prizes for Stage Two are really attractive on their own as well:

Place Prize

8,000 per player + Curtiss Model 81A-1


6,000 per player + Curtiss Model 81A-1

3rd – 4th    

4,500 per player + Curtiss Model 81A-1

5th – 8th       2,500 per player
9th – 16th    1,500 per player
17th – 32nd      750 per player

The schedule for Stage Two will be announced on the forums.

The teams in World of Warplanes will obviously have the same maximum size, but the engagement will be limited to 5 vs. 5, meaning there will be only five standing members and four substitutes. The planes will be limited to Tier V only, so there will be 25 tier points to spend.


The Alliance Mechanism:

We’re introducing the Alliance Mechanism for this tournament. This is a mechanism giving additional rewards for high-performing groups of teams. To register an alliance you have to follow a few simple steps:

  • Go to the special forum thread created by the eSports team.
  • “Reply” to the thread and list all the teams in your alliance.
  • An alliance must have between three and five teams.
  • All member-teams of an alliance have to share the same tag.
  • Each team can only be part of one alliance.
  • Alliances can only be created during the registration for Stage One (open now). Teams cannot be added or removed after the registration period for Stage One is over.

There are some great benefits to teams in an alliance if they are successful:

  • If at least three teams from your alliance qualify for Stage Two of the tournament, you’ll be granted an additional prize.
  • The additional prize is 2,000 for every member of every team in the alliance, even the ones that didn’t make it through to Stage Two!


Additional Tournament Rules:

  • Please keep in mind that Stage One (World of Tanks) will use the general rules of the Fun Cup tournament. Any special rules mentioned in the above infographic that conflict with the general rules, trump the general rules. Detailed rules for Stage Two (World of Warplanes) will be communicated at a later date.
    • Gold rewards for Stage One will be awarded after Stage Two finishes.
    • Gold rewards for Stage One will not be awarded to any team who is inactive for Stage Two.

Have fun!