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WCG 2012 Grand Finals kicks off!

As you might have read in our articles published earlier this week, today was the grand opening of the World Cyber Games finals, taking place in the charming city of Kunshan, China.

Hundreds of gaming enthusiasts were welcomed through the gates of the Kunshan International Exposition & Convention Center, amongst which were some of the finest gamers of our generation. As it is now almost tradition for, the impressive World of Tanks booth was made easy to notice, and has been attracting a lot of visitors. The World of Tanks teams, who have been flown over from across the globe to compete against each other in this grand final, were easily able to gather in front of the stage for a group picture, showcasing the game’s popularity around the world.

The day began with a short concert and then at precisely 11 am (local time), the opening ceremony started. There was a brief resume of the history of the WCG as well as the games being showcased this year.  This was followed by a nation parade in which representatives of every country walked on the scene, proudly carrying their country’s flags. Finally, a famous Korean pop star gave us another impressive concert, followed by the raising of China’s & WCG’s flags.  This closed the ceremony and the eagerly-awaited competition finally began.

Very quickly after the opening ceremony, the players and teams of each game and every nationality were invited to the competition hall to start the matches. In the meantime, visitors were able enjoy show-matches and demos of World of Tanks at our official booth in the promotion hall. Because of the number of teams and matches to be played, the tournament planning allowed some teams to introduce themselves on stage while waiting for their turn to battle.  This was a great introduction to the game for everyone, displaying the latest highly detailed graphics and dangerous physics on the recently re-introduced map Dragon’s Ridge.



Many of our spectators were impressed by the intense and competitive level of World of Tanks, and couldn’t resist the temptation to have a go. They were soon to be found after playing the game themselves behind the stage, in the area specially set up for them.

Of course, the show has just begun! There is a lot more to come over the next few days. The intensity and tension can only keep rising as the competition progresses and the favourite teams start making their way to the finals. Remember to follow the livestream to be sure not to miss anything of the event, and keep an eye on our results page to see if your favourite team lives up to your expectation, or if one of the other teams manages to pull it off and create a surprise!