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Close League Europe – Ones to Watch, July 21 and 24

The Gold Series round-robin games are nearing an end. With just two weeks of games to play, the teams are approaching their last chance to secure or seize a place in the finals!

Coming up on Monday

We had a hard time placing a bet on the most interesting match for this day. However, we decided it’s time to highlight the team who have yet to lose a single match in Season 4, Virtus.PRO. Together with one of the most powerful contestants, Kazna Kru, both teams have been putting up great fights against each other and we expect that it will be really worth watching!

Coming up on Thursday

The highlight of this day is definitely the TCM vs. WUSA match. These two teams have been battling against each other for a long time now and both have good reasons to seek victory at all costs. For TCM, this could be the match that determines if they will travel for the offline finals or not. For WUSA, victory would solidify their position in the upper half of the score board.


Tune in Monday 21 July and Thursday 24 July from 19:00 CEST (UTC+2). Grab your notepad and a big, strong coffee - it’s time to learn some sleek moves!