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Wargaming League Kicks Off

The World of Tanks Pro League has been the number one topic of conversation for the World of Tanks eSports community for several weeks now. The twelve best teams from various tournaments and qualifiers have been given the right to stand up and fight for the World of Tanks champion title!

The first games will take place on the 1st of April at 19:00 CEST (GMT +2) and then continue on the 4th, 8th and every other Monday and Thursday until the finals on Dreamhack in Sweden in June!  All the games will be streamed by the ESL with commentary by Maggus, Joe Miller, SNE and Redeye.

We hope you’ll tune into the stream and cheer as the best teams fight for the right to play in the offline finals. We expect great battles as there are 2.5 million reasons to fight in the League!


Get the popcorn ready and enjoy the show!