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Virtus.PRO Interview

If you’re into gambling, Virtus.PRO is one of the best bets for these finals. The team was dominant throughout the season, losing just a few matches and drawing once. Not even one team managed to have a comprehensive victory against them, which is an accomplishment on its own.

The team has been in the European League since the first season and since then they’ve managed to stay on top. The team finished second in the first season and first in the second season. Their track record includes many other achievements besides those. Without doubt, they are one of the best in the League!

There is a lot that could be said about the team, but one of the most common misjudgments about them is that the team is entirely Russian. The team manager, Sergey ‘Diver233’ Pisotsky, comes from Israel and the Team Captain, Andrei ‘koreetz’ Casparov, as well as one of the players, Victor ‘TheBishop’ Novoshatski, are Moldavian.

The team has a total of eleven players on its roster, including the above mentioned captain and team manager. The team players are:


  • Ivan Fefelov
  • Maksim Sinichkin
  • Aleksander Sivkov
  • Osipenko Sergey
  • Dimitriy Salomatin
  • Dimitriy Kosatkin
  • Alexander Gurtovoy
  • Victor Novohatski
  • Ivan Fokin
  • Andrei Casparov
  • Sergey Pisotsky                 



Below you can find an interview with the Team Manager, Sergey Pisotsky:


Could you tell us something about your team? When and why were you established? Where did you find the players to join your team?

It is possible to say a lot of things about our team. If I had to choose something relatively small by number of words, but important, I would tell you some "hot" information about our new sponsors. It's simple to understand that new sponsors for teams and organisations is a very important thing. For the players because it entails higher salaries and stability, and for the organisation because it means that it is going in the right direction. So I want to say "Welcome" to APC, and two more(!) new sponsors, which I am still not allowed to call by their names . Аnd of course, our heartfelt thanks to our long-standing and loyal sponsor, Benq.

When were we established? It was in December, 2011. RED:Aces decided to create a team for the 7.42 format, and then it was a big pool of players from the clan. Since that time our team has existed. In half a year the team came to be in the "top 2" or "top 3" in almost all cybersport tournaments in World of Tanks. And then the team signed a contract with the oldest e-sports multigaming group in Russia, At that time our team was the first team in World of Tanks, and moved to the next level of being a pro team by becoming part of a strong multigaming group. 


How and why did you pick that name for your team?

As you surely understand, we just got the name of the multigaming group. Actually, our team name was, but then we decided to make it the same as the other teams in our organisation. What is the story of the name – The translation of the word “Virtus” from Latin is “courage” or “valor.” Originally it was the name of the organisation. Taking into account that it was the first project in the history of Russian professional eSports, the creator added a suffix “.pro” to accentuate this fact and with the expectation that in the future the name would contain the name of the general sponsor instead of “.pro”. However, over time, the “.pro” suffix has become an integral part of the organisation’s name.


Could you name any milestones or big achievements your team is most proud of?

First place in the World of Tanks Pro League Season 2, second place in the World of Tanks Pro League Season 1, second place at Ural Steel 2013, second place at WCG Russia 2012,  second place at Techlabs Cup UA, second place at SLTV StarSeries #3, and many  more.


Please tell us a few words about your players. Why do they play World of Tanks?

We have highly skilled and motivated players who are playing tanks because they like to play World of Tanks. Simple as that. I am sure that a person does his job excellently if and only if the person loves his job. Same thing here. A player will play well only if he likes to play. We have gathered in our team only players who like to play.


How much do you train or play a week? Which mods do you use?

We train about 20 hours in a week and we do not use mods at all, except for a camera mod. We do this to be ready for offline events, where mods are not allowed.


What are your favourite tactics, tanks and maps?

My favourite tactic is to rush into the middle. It has a very low probability of success, but when it works - it looks great! :)

My favourite tanks are heavy tanks. That’s why I like city maps, where "one button players" (you surely understand who I am talking about and if not, one more hint - " brown players") cannot interrupt me in my beloved PvP with enemies’ heavy tanks.


What do you do in your free time when you’re not playing World of Tanks?

First of all I am a professional diver, as can be seen from my nickname. Also I play semiprofessional billiards (pool), for the last 25 years I have played chess in different leagues, and I play a lot of different computer games.


How do you see your chances? Do you think you can win the finals?

All teams that have made it to the finals have proved that they can surprise an opponent. More than that, all the teams have made a huge leap forward in their skills and team play, so we don't expect an easy finals. We see our chances as 50%, because  we have only two options – we will win or we will not J


Is there anything you’d like to add?

I want to say thanks to our organisation, which helps us a lot with bureaucracy and technical issues, and always gives us a week of bootcamp before finals. Also one more time, thanks to our sponsors: Benq, APC and It’s really good to play at bootcamp on 24-inch monitors, which our oldest sponsor put in our base in Moscow.


Don’t miss the chance to watch Virtus.PRO in action January 25th!