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Gold Series Highlights – Utopia

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Today we meet another successful Polish team: Utopia. They are not new to the League, and usually finish mid-table. This season, they have higher ambitions. What’s their history? Mukaa, the team leader, tells us all about it:

"We started in 2013. After joining the clan I4G together, we began to play in 7 vs 7. From the start, our goal was to become one of the best teams in Europe. After two seasons in the Silver Series, we ended up beating Lemming Train, one of the best teams at the time, in the Playoffs - a huge achievement for us. We are now in the Gold Series for the third time. For Season 2, 2015-2016, there was some change in our composition. A great player, Potomako, left the team, while some equally talented players joined us: forbidden1, Decha and Hallucinogen. Our aim for this season - the top 7."


Mukaa, 23 years old. A bit of a serious picture, as expected from a leader.

So Mukaa, can you tell us a little more about yourself ?

"I live in Bartoszyce, near the border with the Russian Federation. I study administration at the University of Warmia and Mazury. My adventure in eSports started more than 3 years ago, through the ESL tournaments. My favourite tank is the AMX50 100, and my favourite Tier X is the E-100. I like this big German monster. Also, I run a twitch channel, which I invite you to follow!"

When we asked Mukaa to predict the Season’s winner, he said :

Kazna Kru. They have very good players who have been playing together for a very long time. It’s actually a tip for all the other players. If you want to stand out and reach the top of the League, do not waste your time, just find the people and start training.”

WR: 67%, WN8: 3867




The other members of Utopia also kindly agreed to take a moment off their training to say a few words! We collected their thoughts on the new Tier X format, asked them who would be the toughest team to beat this Season... And of course, if they had any advice for the Bronze and Silver readers!


WIELKIcud, 24 years old, with the ocean behind him. Ready to play World of Warships?

"Hi tankers, my name is Andrzej (Adrew). I joined UTOPIA 2 years ago. What I like about the team is that we are improving all the time. Our biggest strengths are tactics and lineups - we train a lot to stay in good shape during the season. I find myself very good in the new X tier format. Now, it's not about just a few tanks like in the old 7/54 format (T-54 ltwt., IS-3, T32, 50 100). I think it's better for us because we sometimes have crazy ideas with crazy lineups... And it works!

I believe Tornado ROX will be the top contender this Season. They have good Tier X players.

If you are in bronze and silver series and you want to improve and join the Gold Series, then get 7 or 8 active people, don't give up after lost matches, watch the League streams, analyse the tactics and train more and more. That is how you will eventually be in the Gold League."

WR: 59%, WN8: 2736



Forbidden1, one of the new aditions to the team, also shared his analysis with us:

"Hello. My name is Mateusz, I live in Kraków, Poland. I started to play World of Tanks in February 2012. My favorite tank in the game is the T-62A. I joined UTOPIA this season to help them with the new format. In my opinion the biggest strength of the team is its dedication to getting better. We are practicing a lot to improve, training almost everyday. In the new format, I see an opportunity for me to perform well. I have more fun in Tier X games.

Because of the new format, it's hard to tell who will be the best team this season. We will see after the Season ends!

If i can give some advice to the Bronze and Silver players, i think it would be: experience is everything. Practice a lot and be patient."


And finally, a few words from PaPaPawian:

PaPaPawian- Picture provided by another member of the team: may not be 100% accurate

"My name is Damian. I'm 20 years old. I study at the university of Silesia in Katowice. Aside from World of Tanks, which takes up most of my free time, I'm interested in table tenis. In-game, I like to play light tanks the most, but I can play any other type. I think we're well prepared for this season and we can fight for a place on a podium."


WR: 65%, WN8: 3451








Meet the rest of the roster

MacMoney97, Hallucinogen, Decha, BIICHU, sH00cKu, International96

Current standings of the team

During the first week of the season, Utopia lost their first two matches 3 maps to 5. It could have been worrying, had they not been facing two of the ogres of the League, Wombats on Tanks and Kazna Kru. Instead, Utopia's performance seemed rather encouraging. After all, they almost managed to take down these tournament favourites. Their other games were rather balanced, despite a short loss against Knäckebröd. Now, with your continuous support, they will attempt to reach their goal.

Watch their next Matches live on the WGL EU channel

versus Tornado Rox: 12 January at 20:30 CET.

versus Stronk: 19 January at 19:00 CET.

versus Oops: 25 January at 19:00 CET.


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