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Ural Steel European Champions: 1st PAD Expendables

Over the last few weeks, a battle for supremacy has been raging in the European tournament scene.  153 teams stepped up to fight for a place in our grand finals in Moscow, and as the dust settled, four teams emerged victorious and have qualified. Our European champions will take the fight to Russia on Saturday! In our series of interviews, we meet our champions who are hoping for a European win.

Today, we present an interview with 1st PAD Expendables (1PAD). They won nearly all of their matches during the Ural Steel cup. Only one game was dropped and that was due to an unlucky matching against an Odem Mortis team (OM-V Trolling team). During that match, they prevailed with a 2:1 win and then it was smooth sailing to the finals.  All members of the team joined in with the interview!  Here they speak about about the Ural Steel finals, including what they are expecting, what they do and how they got here. Read the full interview to know what is in the champions’ mind!

General Information About the Team

  • palermos, the captain, is from Silesia where he established his own business. He has been playing World of Tanks competitively since September 2011.
  • FaithNoMore took his name after a band, one that he has never listened to - "They say it's a great band, but I'm better". He has played competitively since February 2011 in the Polish Open tournament. 
  • FlashB, the only Czech player in the team, gerwaz, Midask, the MMO lover and motorcycle driver, and Pointer669, the hardstyle music listener have all played World of Tanks competitively since May 2011. However, the experience record goes to Thompson04 who competed all the way back in September 2010, during the 1st World of Tanks Closed Beta tournament. Cycling is his favorite sport, and he also likes playing strategic and shooter games.
  • The members of this team used to play other games competitively before jumping into World of Tanks. The games they played included Counter Strike, Call of Duty 1, the Battlefield series, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, and so on.


Favourite Vehicles

  • FaithNoMore: Fast tanks in general especially Bat Chatillon 25t and T-62A.   Also fast arties such as the Bat Chatillon 155 or Object 261.
  • FlashB: M2 Light Tank
  • gerwaz: Heavy tanks with good mobility and good armor such as the IS-7 or T32 and VK4502A
  • Midask: Heavy tanks, especially AMX50 120
  • Pointer669: M48A1, AMX50B
  • palermos: T-50-2, AMX50B
  • Thompson04: Heavy tanks, especially the IS Series.


How did you form your team?

We did not get into the primary team from our clan, so we made our own team!

How do you prepare for the battles?

We gather up around an hour before the match and in that time we make our preparations for the battle.

What are your team achievements?

Our team is brand-new, so we don’t have any achievements, but most of our players have some achievements in different teams in the ESL and Wargaming tournaments.

What can you say about your opponents and the most exciting matches?

 The first phases were quite easy - we had one longer match against an enemy who favoured camping a bit, which resulted in two draws. Then we were fighting against the OM Trolling team.  The battles with them were quite interesting and jammed!  Then the match with the Hungarians from Steel Storm was really quick, dynamic and exciting.

Describe your most interesting battle moments

The last battle with OM-V Trolling Team on Ruinberg was very interesting – there was a clash in the middle.  Three enemy T32s rushed at our one lone T32, and our other two T32s had to help that one really fast.   Also an AMX 50 100 was sniping from a safe distance. Their three T32s finally killed our one T32 but just a few seconds later two of them were dead.  In the meantime, two enemy AMX 13 90s arrived to cap our base. We killed their last T32, but then an AMX 13 90 reached our two remaining T32s and suddenly killed one.  Our tanks managed to kill one but the second one escaped. Our artillery – a Bat Chatillon 155 and our last remaining T32 with T1 Cunningham decided to start capping the enemy base whilst an AMX 50 100 was defending our base. Later he started hunting through the town streets but their AMX 13 90 had chased our tanks to his base and promptly died.

Rate and describe your performance in qualifiers

With every next match we were playing better and better.  The qualifiers were just a warm-up!

What does your team think about your competitors from Europe and from the other regions?

The rest of the European teams are really good.   They have had a lot of practice in the ESL and Wargaming tournaments.   The Russian teams are very aggressive, with a risky style and many French tanks. I would say that matches between Europe and Russia will be the most equal and the fastest of all, because of their aggressive gameplay, whilst our European teams adopt a slightly more "cautious" style. The South East Asia and Chinese teams are presenting a similar level – nice teamplay and a cautious style.

Are you following competitors’ games and are you aware of their progress?

We have watched few replays from the RU, SEA and CHN qualifiers.  Of course, the RU teams are the most dangerous; they have a LOT of experience in 7on7, so they are really lethal. We can't say much about the SEA and CHN teams after watching few replays. But it seems that they just lack the experience in 7on7 mode.

How will your team prepare for the finals?

We are going to be as well prepared as possible.   We’ll be training a lot to enhance our tactics and teamplay.

What you think about Ural Steel as the tournament?

In general, it's a great tournament.  No arty tier limitations is something new.   However, we were a little disappointed that only 7 players can go on the finals.

What are your expectations for the Ural Steel final?

 We want to get as far as possible and have fun whilst doing it!  We have already achieved a lot, so now we can only achieve more!


You also can see some of their replays here:

1st PAD vs. Steel Storm (quarter final):  Part 1 and Part 2

And don’t miss the next interview, where we meet Odem Mortis, another of the four qualifying teams for the Ural Steel Final!


Good luck to all the European teams in the Ural Steel competition!