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Ural Steel EU Champions

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Over the last week a battle for supremacy has been raging in the EU tournament scene.  153 teams stepped up to fight for a place in our Ural Steel grand finals in Moscow, and as the dust settled, four teams emerged victorious.  These are our European champions and will take the fight to Russia!

So without further ado, we are proud to introduce your EU Champions!

  • Team:                   Evil Panda Squad (EPS)
  • Captain:               xinef
  • Info:                      IRC: #eps.wot – this Polish based team have been an unstoppable force in the EU tournaments for most of the year.   They excelled in the last Ural Steel, but will they shine again this year?


  • Team:                   OM – Whitebeard
  • Captain:               Abusemeh
  • Info:                      A German based team who have been taking the EU tournament scene by storm. So far they have won every Wargaming EU tournament this year.   Team OM has become a force to be reckoned with!
  • Website:    


  • Team:                   1st PAD Expendables
  • Captain:               palermos
  • Info:                      The 1st PAD breezed their way to the finals, only slightly faltering against a promising young OM-V team in the early stages.  Can they keep up this strong run in Moscow?


  • Team:                   Golden Hind
  • Captain:               Feld
  • Info:                      Another powerhouse from Poland, these guys take no prisoners and blasted their way into the finals without losing a single game!


The four teams will be heading to Moscow with Bump our eSports manager for the Grand Finals which take place on the 15th and 16th of September. There will be a livestream of the event in English and Russian (links coming soon!) so we ask you to tune in and support the EU teams in their fight to become the Ural Steel 2012 champions!

More info on this will be coming over the next weeks leading up to the finals so follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get updates on the build-up to Ural Steel 2012!

Good luck to all four teams!