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Tournament Training

The World of Tanks eSports scene is huge, not only in other parts of the world, but also in Europe. Great proof of that is the tens of thousands of players who participate in our tournaments. At first glance eSports players are often considered to be an elitist club, that is however not the case.

We’ve created this section to help you join the eSports community. Very often, the main thing we encounter on the forums is the statement that there is no way to practice the classic 7 vs. 7, 42 tier-point mode with others without participating in tournaments. That statement is not true and below you can find a few ways of training in preparation for the real deal!


Team Battles

The easiest way to find opponents for the mode is using the Team Battle mode. This game mode has been introduced with the 8.9 patch, also known as “Armored Spearhead”. The instructions on how to use the mode and where to find it using the UI are all explained in detail in the above video, as well as in the article.

The benefits of using this mode for eSports training purposes are numerous:

  • Easy access – Anyone can create his or her own team or join a team made by the system. This allows you to easily get accustomed to the new game mode without the need to fully understand the subtle nuances of 7 vs. 7 battles.
  • No direct, big consequences of failure – In the Team Battle mode, losing just makes you go into another battle and continue fighting. You don’t have to wait days or weeks for another tournament. In this mode you have an endless supply of enemies!
  • Progression – The matchmaker system is designed so that you face more and more challenging enemies over time. As you get better, you will be put up against enemies who are also more successful. This way you get better, but at the same time you don’t get seal-clubbed all the time by experienced players creating “newbie accounts”, as they will also quickly move up the “ladder”.
  • Good rewards – The system is very rewarding for players who win a lot. That’s a great incentive for improvement! The rewards are noticeably better than in random battles for the winners, but on the other hand far worse in case of failure.

Once you can perform well in the Team Battle mode, you’ll have a far better chance in tournaments like Go4WoT or A-Series, as well as our tournaments, such as the Easy 8 Pro Series.

Sparring Matches

You can also try scheduling a match with other teams on your own. Sparring matches are a very common practice amongst good eSports teams. The teams’ captains talk, set a date and time, and later create a training room for both teams to join. It’s not as easy to get the best teams to play against you but if you’re good, we’re pretty sure it won’t be a problem! Please keep in mind that usually a certain dose of reputation will be needed for a WGL or other good team to accept an invite to such a sparring match from your team.

Facing the desired opponent – No luck here, you’re fighting one on one with the team you set the date with. As there is no randomness in picking the opponent, you can also create special tactics to counter theirs later when you meet them in big tournaments.Although there are certain drawbacks to this solution, it’s also very rewarding for the participants:

  • Fighting with the best makes you one of the best – Not wasting time with mediocre opponents means that you improve far faster yourself!

In other words, if you can make this happen, it’s a great deal! Sadly, in training rooms you do not earn any credits or experience, which makes it less of a good deal for growing teams who still need to spend a lot of time and credits researching more tanks to use in tournaments. There is, however, no better training than playing against the best! Even if you lose, you learn something!

Observation and Analysis

The last but definitely not least method of improving your skills is observing and analysing other teams’ play. Every WGL match day, as well as the finals of all major tournaments, are live streamed.

To keep up to date with all the live streams, it’s a good idea to check out the Tournament section of the portal regularly, as well as follow our eSports Twitter feed. Those two sources should keep you hooked into all the eSports you’ll need to become a real 7 vs. 7 champion!Please keep in mind that Wargaming Europe isn’t the only streaming entity! A lot of great teams stream their Team Battles regularly. If you’re in the mood to look for a good stream, just check out the World of Tanks section on and tune in!


That’s all the basics right there. Enjoy the Team Battles, find your sparring partners and watch the streams!