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Gold Series Highlight – Tornado Rox

There is a fine line in nature that divides the hunter from the hunted. Today, we meet the hunter: Tornado Rox. A team that has proven themselves, not only on the European scene, but also on the world stage. Their latest feat of arms was a victory at the Continental Rumble in October, where they claimed the title over Wombats on Tanks and the russians of Na'vi and Not so Serious. In the World of Tanks universe, Tornado Rox is known and feared. The team is rather young, but the players that compose it are both experienced and skilful. Their goal for the season is crystal clear: destroy everything that stands in their path. 


As a promotional video, Tornado Rox chose to put forward the performance of Shciper in one of his recent personal games:

Meet the team


Ihor "Armageddon" Hasai

21 years old, 67% win rate


Watch him play!

Ihor "FC_DYNAMO" Bereshchuk

27 years old, 68% win rate


Watch him play!

Vladimir "_DYADOR_" Drytskyi

66.7% win rate


Watch him play!



Ivan "Positivve" Totskiy

16 years old, 70.8% win rate


 Watch him play!

Alexey "TheAnnihilyator" Fedotov

20 years old, 70% win rate


Watch him play!

Ivan "Vors9n" Fokin

72% win rate


Watch him play!


Tornado Rox "Lucique"

Tornado Rox "My1945year"

Tornado Rox "Shciper" (manager)


Current standings of the team:

Tornado Rox started the Season with three consecutive wins, over Oops (5-1), Synergy (5-4) and Penta (5-2). In the fourth match, team Ding managed to break their winning streak (2-5), thus preventing Tornado Rox from keeping a clean record in the Series. This loss could have been a serious blow to their morale, especially considering their next game was to be played against another favourite for the title: Kazna Kru. However, with unyielding confidence, Rox won the match for the domination of the Gold Series. Now the second half of the season is just restarting and Tornado Rox will have no room for error if they are to emerge victorious and take the title.


Watch their next Matches live on the WGL EU channel !

versus Rusty Roster on 19 January at 22:00 CET.

versus Knäckebröd on 26 january at 19:00 CET.

versus Out of Range on 28 January at 20:30 CET. 



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The Season Finals will be upon us in February!