Tomato the Lobster: Return of the Oracle

Straight from the depths of the ocean, our crustacean friend and worldwide phenomenon Tomato has woken after several months of deep sleep, and will once again bless us with his sacred guidance as he predicts the winners of the upcoming Final Battle matches.  

Live Broadcast

The Final Battle - Group Stage
13 - 17 December 2017

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Success story

Everyone has heard the tale. Born in a humble fish tank, Tomato was promised to the pot from his early days, until it was discovered that he had developed an uncanny ability to foresee the future. Using his gift to first predict horse race winners, the self-made lobster quickly built a local reputation, thus defying his own dark fate. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Eventually sought by Wargaming to predict the results of the Grand Finals, which he did successfully, Tomato ascended to absolute stardom, making the cover of prestigious magazines and being elected "lobster of the year" no less than five times by as many major newspapers. Now referred to as "the Oracle" by his fans, Tomato will deliver his wisdom throughout this December's Final Battle.

Predict & Win! 

He's seen it all unfold before his all-knowing eyes. Have you? Predict the outcome of the matches and win amazing prizes, such as an exclusive World of Tanks branded MSI Laptop!

250 LEKPZ M 41 90 MM GF and thousands of gold will also be up for grabs for the most clairvoyant viewers amongst you, so don't miss your chance to participate! 

PREDICT & win!  

08/01/18 Update: the winners of the contest were announced.


Contest details



  • Visit and log in with your ID (earns 5 votes)
  • Watch the contest video on the site and share it on social media (earns another 3 votes). Your post must be set to Public.
  • Each vote earned entitles you to make 1 match prediction. Predictions will be published on your social media accounts and must be set to Public.
    • Group Stage – predict which 2 teams in each of the 4 groups will qualify for the playoffs.
      This phase ends 13 Dec 2017 (Wed), before the start of the first Group Stage match.
    • Playoffs Stage – predict which team will win each of the 6 playoffs matches.
      This phase ends 17 Dec 2017 (Sun), before the start of the first playoffs Stage match.
    • Final Match – predict which team will emerge the champions of the Final Battle.
      This phase ends 23 Dec 2017 (Sat), before the start of the Final Match.
  • Each correct prediction will improve your chances of winning the top prize, and earn you 3 extra votes which you can then use to make even more predictions!


  • Top Prize: Exclusive World of Tanks branded 15.6" MSI laptop with GeForce GTX1050 2GB graphics card
    Awarded to the participant with the most correct predictions (a maximum of 36).
    If multiple participants qualify, the winner will be randomly selected from amongst them.
  • Consolation Prize Pool: 500,000
    Prize pool will be divided equally (up to 10,000 each) among the participants who have made the most correct predictions but did not win the Top Prize.
  • Lucky Draw Prize: 250x LEKPZ M 41 90 MM GF 
    Awarded to randomly selected contest participants. The more votes you've accumulated, the more chances you'll have to win!


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