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Think Tank: The Lineups

Season 5 of the League Europe is well underway with the new Team Battle format being put to good use! The new format has not only revolutionised the way the game is played, but also the tanks in which our players roll out onto the competitive scene.

In the old format there was very little room for creativity when it came to lineups, so more often than not we were stuck with the same, formulaic tank lineups, depending on the map type. 

So let’s take ourselves back to the Season 4 finals, to the match between Schoolbus (left) and Kazna Kru (right), played in the first day of the event. The map was Steppes, with Kazna Kru in the north and Schoolbus in the south.

Schoolbus opted for: Whilst Kazna Kru had:


It’s pretty clear that Schoolbus really had no chance in taking down those tanks.

Now if we look at the same two teams on the same map but now in Season 5, the difference is immense:

Just look at the variety of tanks being used - whereas in Season 4 there was only three types, here there are five.  Both teams are playing fairly quick lineups with plenty of fast Tier VIII light tanks. Furthermore, with the new 7/54 format there are no “near useless” tanks so every player has a crucial role to play.

Schoolbus opted for: Whilst Kazna Kru had:


It’s also important to remember that Schoolbus were defending and Kazna Kru attacking. This is why Kazna Kru picked the G.W. Panther artillery so they can do some damage before committing to an attack. The other interesting choice is the IS-3 from Kazna Kru, as typically it isn’t favoured on open maps as it’s rather slow and easily flanked. However it can be used as a “bullet sponge”, essentially soaking shells for the team.

The teams really have to get the balance between choosing a lineup that suits whatever tactic they want to pull off, but also have enough tanks that can multi-task to make sure they can deal with any unexpected surprises.

Here are some of our favourite creative lineups from this season so far:

Artillery on Himmelsdorf? Why not.

Double Tiger

KV3 to the knee

And finally... To TOG or not to TOG!

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