Weekly Tournaments 2.0

Did The Grand Finals 2017 stir your ambitions to become a champion? If so, you may consider starting your competitive career in weekly tournaments. Play, improve, get noticed, and carve yourself a path to the next Grand Finals! 

The weekly tournaments have been reworked, and the new formula has two goals: 

  • Offer more variety in the competitions and the starting hours. 
  • Spread the rewards accross a larger player base in the playoffs. 

More 1v1 and 3v3 tournaments 

In the recent months, 1v1 and 3v3 competitions have become increasingly popular. They are easy to register to, and will give you an enjoyable experience with little to no constraints. 




  • 1v1 and 3v3 tournaments will now be available every day of the week. Their starting hour will alternate between 17:00 CEST and 19:00 CEST.
  17:00 CEST 19:00 CEST
Monday 1v1 - Tier VI 3v3 - Tier VIII
Tuesday 3v3 - Tier VI 1v1 - Tier VIII
Wednesday 1v1 - Tier X 3v3 - Tier VI
Thursday 3v3 - Tier VIII 1v1 - Tier VI
Friday 1v1 - Tier VIII 3v3 - Tier X

Weekend competitions

The weekends will occasionally be reserved for exceptional competitions, with bigger and better rewards. This way, you can view the week as regular practice and the weekends as an occasion to score bigger with your accumulated knowledge. 


Rewarding more players

If you look into the upcoming tournaments, you will find that the gold for the group stage has been removed. The reason is simple; from now on, the groups will be limited to four teams to faciliate advancement to the playoff stage. 

The playoffs will also be limited to a maximum of 256 teams, and several playoff brackets per tournament will be created when there are more participants. 

What it essentially means is that the rewards will appear to be less significant than usual. We are not increasing the amount of gold we are giving in the tournaments, but we are spreading it better, to reward more participants, in several playoff brackets, instead of only one winner in one playoff bracket. 


As usual, you can check the available tournaments on the tournament page, along with the rules, rewards, and dates of the competitions you are interested in. 





Roll out!